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Even in a little thing

15th January, 2017. 11:22 pm. Some thanks (and also some whinges, because I'm at that stage)

My life is still happening too quickly for comfort. Also, I keep losing handholds. It's not easy right now. My life is on fast forward and for every small good thing that happens, I get three large bad things.

I want to thank a few friends for making big differences. Other people get thanked in other places but these people in particular need thanking here and now, because they're the reason I'm not drowning in the impossibility of events. There is no reasoned order in these thanks and I'm pretty sure I'll wake up at midnight and think of something else that I should have said. I need a cuppa, though, and to edit for another hour before bed, so this is the best I can do.

I've not talked about all the events in public because my life is back in soap opera zone, and honestly, it's all a bit much. The people in my life matter now more than they ever have, for they're what keep my rocking boat (and my mixed metaphors) stable in some very rough waters. Being alone can be difficult at times like this, so the fact that I'm seldom lonely and even more seldom desperate is a tribute to my friends, wherever they happen to live.

Every single one of you who has supported me on Patreon, read and talked about my novels, chatted with me on social media, come to a talk or a class by me has made a professional difference to me as well as a personal one. Doors shut for me where they should open - this is Australia and this is a difficult time to be of my age and of my background. Your support reminds me that I'm good at what I do and that it's worth persevering. The financial aspect helps me add just that much more to my life, as well. As I keep saying, the 'that much more' this year will be Continuum and WorldCon. As I also keep saying, I'll keep on working on finances, because to have a break from the incessant battles here, and to give a paper and be on panels and spend quality pub time with friends will then help me keep going when life does its thing on my return.

The friends who give me library lifts and hospital lifts and appointment lifts - I can now do these things myself (and, in fact, I do, as will be attested tomorrow morning, where I will daringly do it all on foot, without a single bus), but it makes it so much easier emotionally to have friends with me and to know there's help if I need it. I didn't realise just how much the weight of 2016 bore on me whenever something medical comes up. This weight is getting lighter because of your support.

I don't get a vast amount of public affirmation. This is going to continue at least until I find new homes for my books, and probably after that. What this means is that when someone says something like S said to me privately the other day (that people should be considering History and Fiction for a Hugo, not just a Ditmar) it means a great, great deal. I generally don't get considered for awards, so being told that something is worth it makes me feel much better about, in this case, all that time spent on something that will neither bring me money nor job. (The job it was likely to bring got scuttled by our lovely cutbacks to universities - I'm still getting interviews and I'm still not getting a job - I guess it's possible, but right now, it doesn't feel possible, which means the comment that the book is considered that good by some readers is rather more important to me than it would be if it were just another academic publication. Not many people will read it, so it's not going to be on lists. But it's nice to know that a friend whose brain I trust thinks I do work of that quality. Likewise when L told me privately I was the best book doctor she's ever seen - this means so very much. (And I am now thinking of myself as a book doctor - more of the timelordliness)

Another bit of affirmation that means a lot comes from the editors and writers who've supported me the last few days. I suddenly have four books out of print and several more that had homes and now don't. Two of these novels were just barely beginning to be seen and both included things Jewish, which took some courage in the current climate - now I get the public knowledge of being Jewish without readers getting access to the novels, which kinda sucks. The behind-the-scenes support I've been getting has made just the biggest difference to my capacity to keep looking for solutions and to deal with inevitable downsides. This is one of those moments when individuals in our industry really shine, in a gentle and supportive way.

Thank you all!

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13th January, 2017. 8:52 am. My life is still bizarre

One thing I can say about my life is that it's not dull.

I'll just stick to the most life-changing of the news today, for I don't want to write a three thousand word update. I'm telling everyone that right now, every single cent I get through Patreon (except the bits that go to the tax office, obviously) will go towards me getting to Helsinki, for I really, really need to spend quality time with my friends. I also have a paper to deliver there. I'll need to find other finance as well, as well, because a few hundred dollars is not going to get me even close, but if I have to, I'll borrow. Alas, for it not being a major birthday year for I can't say "Give me money instead of presents" Anyhow, Helsinki is how I"m going to get through everything else. And Continuum. I've already paid most things that need paying for Continumm. My everyday is very parsimonious for I'm determined to do these things.

The two bits of everything else you most need to know are:

1) Satalyte has closed, very suddenly. Four of my novels are out of print and several others are no longer safely contracted. This includes the novel I have been writing so frenetically this last month and the one that was going to be released next month. I'm going to give Patreon supporters a taste of the latter, because I can and because it will make me happy to. Thank you, friends who pushed me into Patreon, because it's really nice to be able to say "You can't buy the novel yet due to forces beyond my control, but look, meet the heroine and her pet pirate." Every woman above a certain age should have a pet pirate who can cook.

I was going to put together short stories and find a publisher for a collection and, of course, do something about my strange novel (I now have 50% of beta readers reporting back and it is indeed, strange, but potentially very good) but my focus for the immediate future has to be with those other eight novels. I do have a nibble of possible interest in the strange novel, but the nibble is for later in the year. This actually suits me, for the strange novel needs a break and an edit and, of course, I have the various crises to solve.

If someone had a secret desire to put out a collection of my short fiction and confided it to me, I'd smile at them sweetly and talk terms, but otherwise, the short stories will wait. Except, me being me, they won't entirely wait. I'll look at what I get in the mail next week and computerise them and let everyone who guessed the number of survivals correctly see a couple. If any of them are particularly amusing or appalling I might share them elsewhere, for early fiction has its own joys and I wrote the missing fiction between my seventeenth and twenty-fifth birthdays. And if it turns out that none of the stories Mum found is the missing fiction, then I shall laugh, ironically, for forty-one of my stories will be gone, which is what I thought happened years ago. Next week I get the surviving old short stories in the mail. Mysteriously, some of them turned out to be financial records from a decade ago. These will not be in the mail.

The world of publishing is full of good people. I'm already under serious consideration by a couple of places I would be very proud to be part of. This means that, two days after hearing the news about my novel, I'm up to the waiting game. If I was taken in/on/up by either or both those places, I would be very, very happy for they're such good people.

So, nine novels and a bunch of short stories... so much stuff. Thank goodness for the generosity of people in our industry - for at least I'm not having to tear my hair out. (I may still have to, but the big thing is having my work seen - if it or I doesn't quite work for the organisations in question, that's just normal and I move on.)

So many people have asked about buying the novels they'd intended to buy that were pulled under with Satalyte. I checked online this morning and a very few print books are still available, but the ebooks aren't. Everyone's selling the last of their stock and then that's that. I've emailed Satalyte to ask if there are any copies I can buy, for I sold almost everything over the Christmas period (still need to get paid for that by the host bookshop!) but I haven't heard back from them. If I end up with copies to sell, I'll let people know. Getting those four novels back into print is my goal, though. I'd settle for three of them, to be honest. The Art of Effective Dreaming may well be cursed...

2) I had an urgent check up for my left eye this morning, for it was showing wispy blood, but it's a perfectly normal detachment of the viscous layer. As long as it doesn't turn into retinal detachment, I'm fine, but I'll be a bit tired for the next few days. That's the good news.

The better news is that it's just as well that this happened for (and this is where the bad news comes in) my right eye is being clever again. I have the beginnings of glaucoma. I also have a brand new blind spot, which means I need to be a bit careful walking down stairs and try to avoid walking into things, which I'd already discovered.

What does all this mean for my life? 2017 isn't going to be any easier than 2016. Hard work doesn't always get rewarded. And my friends are wonderful. In other words, life as usual. New problems in all the old spheres. Still no permanent job, but, hopefully, a bit more paid work this year than the disaster that was last year. The uni has already advertised two very cool courses for me (a novel-writing one and a food history one).

I'm happy to answer what I can if you have questions about any of this news. I will not, however, talk in public about what Satalyte did right or wrong. This helps no-one. There are over forty authors who need to find new homes for books - to me this is what we should be focussing on. I'm the one with the most books affected, but I'm not the only author who had more than one book with them. I'm hoping we all find new homes, quickly.

I'm very happy to have a cuppa or a chat with other Satalyte authors and share options and sympathy.

And, for any friend who wants to check up on me personally, given the challenge that this week has been, I have the most amazing coffee that a friend brought back for me from Bali and I have such a big chocolate stash and if I get the right fruit today I might make a cake. Let me know you're coming though - I'm juggling a lot of things right now and will make the time to see friends, but I do need to know when they're coming.

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29th December, 2016. 2:52 pm.

It's interesting how major life changes affect things. I'm still not back to regular blogging, but I'm working furiously at a range of things, which hopefully will bear fruit this year. I'm unfinancial (which was inevitable this summer) but between Patreon and a couple of other endeavours, I hope to change this.

What I like about Patreon is the giving back side of it. When I put up my second recipe for December, a chat about it ensued on Twitter. I'll send out a new year's gift along with my January material, because anyone who supports people in the Arts deserve extras.

My extra for the day is a surprising insight into Trump and Brexit and Hanson and their ilk. I've been trying to find out what narratives lie behind the success of these figures and ideas. Most people have focussed on the narratives as given by the Farages of this world, but those came from somewhere and reached fertile ground. The fertile ground was obvious in some senses, and those aspects have been discussed - things like socio-economics. But some of the fertile ground has to come from narratives. The stories of the powermongers fit in with the stories people expect to see: this is critical to achieving votes.

I've seen mentions of studies floated around: that false news is more likely to be believed by some people than others, for instance. This just reinforced to me that I was missing narratives. It means that there are entire groups of public narratives that look daft and angry and destructive to me because I don't have matched narratives for them. In fact, my narratives encourage me to debunk them and criticise them and resize them. I've seen this narrative differential in the Middle Ages. Not as marked for our medieval evidence is mainly literary and the society itself wasn't, but enough to make it clear that stories count. So many men would have stayed at home and not crusaded without a certain type of saints' tale and the chanson de geste. This has been so clear to me for a while that, when asked by various people (because of my interesting past) what they can do personally to change the current situation, I always say "Use your writerly power to cahnge the narratives." Sometime they see instantly what they can do (on social media, for instance) and sometimes we talk longer. Still, I was hampered by not having seen enough narratives personally to understand the problem.

I'd love to say that I'm hampered no longer, but I know where to look, at least. I've been browsing in the book sales and I'm reading some Tamil pulp. And that's where a slab of the missing narratives lie. They were never going to have been actually missing. They had to be major. They include things like daytime soaps and tabloids.

I don't know why I didn't think of pulp. Maybe it's because, in Australia, there's a nice intellectual move to bring back pulp. Except it's not really pulp, it's a revisited thoughtful homage to it. It's pulp resized...

Tamil pulp is real pulp. There is a mixture of melodrama and everyday that entirely ties the voters to those who shout the messages.

I suspect that there are many, many sources of these narratives, and that the access we have to the cultures of our ancestors through the marvels of modern media reinforces some of them.

Someone must be studying this and, when I'm ready, I'll hunt out the studies and find out how it all fits together. My thought of the day is how relieved I am that it *does* fit together. Of course, it doesn't make this world of ours a gentler and kinder place, but at least I can understand why the unkindness is so sharp right now and why a whole heap of people in a large number of countries seem convinced that they need to hurt themselves and their friends by taking quite specific political action.

We still need more robust narratives to change the world. But it helps me deal when I can see where the complexities come from. It's not the false news: it's the people who see it as authentic news because of the way its expressed fits the news narratives they've been taught to accept through the political narratives they've been taught to expect... through their reading.

I have two volumes of translated Tamil pulp. It's going to be good for me. And I admit, it was a choice between these and the Australian equivalent, which (if the book sales are telling me what I think they are) were James Patterson, much erotica, and Westerns.

I needed to read these two volumes anyhow: the insights are a bonus. Another bonus from them is that I think I'll expand this idea and talk about it for my patrons. Show them how a Tamil pulp story led me to this point.

In the meantime, though, I have to work on fiction, for there's a lot of fiction to work on. This isn't the strange novel - this is an old new novel ie it's for Satalyte, which means, unless it's so horrendous that my editor screams and tears his hair, you'll see it in print sooner or later. Later if I spend my time here rather than there!

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22nd December, 2016. 4:25 pm.

I just got back from the doctor. Nothing new to report, except that I'm apparently rather wonderful at managing things. She has loads of suggestions for improving day to day stuff and next year we will have a Plan.

There was a considerable wait to see her, so I solved a Novel problem. Null time is the best time for sorting out plot issues.

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18th December, 2016. 10:47 pm.

There are moments when one realises that one has done something right. My moment today was when an extra child attached herself to the children who visited today because an afternoon at my place sounded so perfect.

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15th December, 2016. 9:48 am. The Obvious and I M Oblivious : nice people and unintended consequences

Today is a day for stating the obvious. This is because I see so many people acting as if the obvious doesn't exist. They're hurting others. I don't want to write this in the second person, for it would sound accusatory and set up an "I don't do this" reaction.

Many people don't do these things. Many people do. And a lot of those who do don't know. They care, but are unaware. Today is not about accusations. It's about "I am so tired of all this. So very tired." I shall talk, therefore about someone called I.M. Oblivious and why they cause problems for a whole bunch of people despite their best intentions.

Just two Items of Obvious today, for I've got so very much to do. If people produce more items in the comments, however, I can extend this post when life is a bit less frantic.

Obvious #1: Discovery

There's loads of personal discovery happening right now. Enormous numbers of wonderful people have had their eyes opened to inequities and historical injustices. They care. They want to make a difference with their caring. It's heart-warming and gives us all hope for humankind.


Three times this month, IM and IM's cousins have knocked on my door and wanted to tell me all about this piece of Jewish history they've just encountered. Twice I've been told about the pain caused by injustices to women. And I've lost count of the times I've been told about the effects of government programs on the disadvantaged.

These good people hurt because of Auschwitz. They hurt because of the Inquisition. They hurt because of expulsions. They hurt because women are abused and denied careers. They hurt because... so many reasons. They come to me because they want me to help them deal with their hurt. They choose me specifically because I know this kind of hurt from personal experience. I will understand.

This first happened to me when I was in primary school. It's a perfectly natural part of privilege. The privileged person grows and learns to understand and sees the one person who will understand their awakening and uses them as a crutch. Not only do certain groups in society and individuals have to endure bigotry and hate, therefore, but if they choose to admit their background, they often have to hold the hands of IM Oblivious as Oblivious learns what we've had to deal with.

What can we do? (Why we? Why not just IM Oblivious? Because I'm as privileged as anyone else is some respects and I need to not do this thing also.)

We can make responsibility towards victims a part of our growing up. It isn't all about us. In fact, it never was about us if we were neither persecutors or victims. When IM spends a half day showing me photos of places where my ancestors once lived and where there are no Jews and doesn't listen when I say politely "Yes, I do know this history. Do you have any pictures of nice architecture? I really like nice architecture." then IM makes my history theirs.

It's another form of appropriation. A nasty one, done with the best of intentions.

What we can do, then, is try very hard to not hurt the already hurt. Listen to them saying "This is not a good thing." Be aware of nuances and of direct statements. And find someone else's shoulder to cry on until we're past Effects of Hatred 101.

Obvious #2: Polite and Gentle Exclusion

This has happened to me every year of my adult life, often many times a year. IM and their ilk tell me "You weren't interviewed/considered/called on because you have all the experience and we want to give someone else a chance." Or because "He's a bright young thing and needs to learn this thing" (and it's always a he and he's always from establishment background). Or "You're Jewish/female/something else and I don't think you could handle this." Or "We went out to dinner" and didn't think of asking if I wanted to come too.

I get many apologies when IM realises that I could have done the job, or that Bright Young Thing was being given other opportunities and I wasn't, or when they stopped and looked closely at my CV and realised that I actually had the capacity and qualification (often more than Mr Bright Young Thing), or that the dinner party was full of my friends and that I might want to join them but by then it's too late. They apologise and add "Of course, I can't do anything now, but if I had thought of this when I made the decision..."

It has cost me so many things, from going to France as an ENAque (after selection) to having novels take up by this publisher or that to a solid chunk of my social life. My most recent is a "You didn't need this job" and also (same day!) "We need to talk about Other Famous Book, because you have novels as well, so people will see your breakthrough academic work on genre anyhow."

It's a subtle form of acting on prejudices. It is only ever done by nice people. It is only every done unintentionally. It affects all minorities, and most women. And it's almost impossible for the victim to fight. It's the single biggest reason why, when I compared my career to that of my male counterparts (from my undergrad and first PhD days) last week, they had brilliant careers and I didn't. To a man, they were given breaks and I was given apologies for them being given breaks and there being no breaks left for me.

If it's damaged my career so very severely (when my undergrad final result was 90% and I received both prizes and my choice of scholarships) imagine what #2 has done to people who have had to deal with far worse situations. Damage on damage. And yes, I have specific people's life experiences in mind when I say this, but no, I can't talk about them because they're private.

I get to be the repository of the hurt of many who've had doors slammed in their faces and I've seen the effects and... when my gently closing doors with IM saying kindly "I'm sorry for closing this door, but you understand" feels so very bad, the consequences of slammed doors and being shoved aside so that other people can have access to the open doors has to hurt beyond bearing.

What can we do? The only way #2 can be fought is by the person who puts other people forward, or who creates selection panels and short lists for interviews or gets groups of people together for this or that. It's by making the playing field fair rather than littering it with apologies.

We need to know ourselves and learn what we do, whether it's by error or not. Blame is irrelevant. It's a waste of emotional energy that can be better spent on not causing the situation to happen around us.

Don't make the discussion about our error (or not). Try very hard to create that level playing field, every single day of our lives. That's the very least we can do. The most we can do is actively seek out those who have had those doors closed/slammed and, instead of apologising, create other opportunities for them. Not the opportunities we think might be nice as apologies, but the opportunities people need.

I see so many good people hurting others through niceness. Oblivion can be just as damaging as hate.

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3rd December, 2016. 1:49 pm.

Since this week is going to be both hot and busy, I'm cooking a big pot of soup for evening meals. I'll buy some bread in the market tomorrow if I need to, but the soup might stand on its own. There's plenty for friends, should they also need an easy meal, but since the soup itself is pretty much an invention, I'll not actually invite people over to partake. If it works really well, I might take some with me to eat after marketing tomorrow, but that's about all.

What happened was that I was given four lamb shanks. I've never made lamb shanks into a traditional shredded lamb soup before (although I know the technique perfectly well) so that was the obvious thing to do. I used all kinds of ingredients that I happened to have or was given alongside the shanks, because it looked fun. So... my soup has onion and garlic and carrot (purple) and celery and home-made tomato stuff (I forget the right name, but it's what you normally use tinned tomatoes for) and duck stock (actually portable soup cooked to a slightly lesser degree than one needs for a three month open voyage, and then frozen) and chick peas and about 3 litres of water and about ten spices. All the usuals for lamb (cumin and paprika and cinnamon) but also laos and white poppy seed and Javanese tailed pepper. No salt. It really shouldn't need salt with all those flavours. As low fat as possibly lamb can be for these were very low fat shanks and, when my soup sits in the fridge overnight, hopefully the remaining fat will rise to the top and be skimmed. Now it's in the slow cooker and will stay there until the lamb falls off the bone, when I will remove it, shred the meat, add the shredded meat back, adjust anything that needs adjusting, maybe add potatoes and maybe not, and then set it to cook again until it's done.

One substantial meal a day is on the way. And I've already done half the stuff for the light meals. So the market tomorrow is just top ups and cheese and cherries and possibly bread. And I will have so very much soup that I hope everyone wants to drop in... and I hope it works out well enough so that they can. The purple carrots are of the Dutch variety and I didn't want to cut them up, for they looked so very pretty, but I have destroyed their good looks and am owed a cuppa and the preparation for a book event. Then my lot is other work and then I get to go to a staff thingie.

Mind you, I begin to see why so many people wanted me to add recipes to my Patreon. Which I did. I seem to have no shortage of recipes in my life, invented and other (my life is as invented as my recipes, I fear).

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1st December, 2016. 11:25 am.

It's been a busy week.

Firstly, I'll answer everyone who commented on the locked post personally, there, but you need to know that I have taken the Patreon route. Katrin (who wrote the Beast with me) held my hand and checked my text and did the picture for me. The photograph of me is by Miriam Eisfelder and was taken at the launch of The Wizardry of Jewish Women. It only went up last night, and you can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/GillianPolack If you know anyone who might be interested, I'd be grateful if you shared the link.

Secondly, I promised a couple of people I would blog what I taught my Wednesday class last week. You'll see why when i get to it, which will probably be over the weekend. I'll do a more complete essay on what I taught for Patreon, I think, for it'd be a perfect introduction to several facets of my life.

Today I want to explain why friends think it's so important I blog a particular class when i teach many. Last week I had that moment of truth one gets from time to time and I realised that it was perfectly possibly to translate the workshops I used to give NGOs into both marvellously useful tools for the writer and into a handy insight for writers who want to work at political change. It's just transformative narratives, but I've now got instant techniques for teaching them from a number of directions. I used to teach them primarily to create policy critique and analytical argument for people who wanted to be able to talk with governmental bodies and enable a proper conversation (two way! and this would be why I got called on to do workshops a lot - individuals and organisations could translate their needs into a base for discussion and get results). Now I can (and have) taught them to writers. And they worked. And I was very smug. The big thing is that I'm not teaching a particular political line. I'm teaching writers how to take what they want to say, the world they want to be and write about it in one of several ways that can act transformatively. If I'd preached my own politics, that would be ethically dubious, to be honest. What I teach is skills and techniques, not political views. This was essential when i worked with women across such a broad range of cultures - privileging my own views in those situations was dangerously colonialist. And it's essential now.

Thirdly, I've nearly finished a draft of the novel about the gendershifting alien. It's either appalling or brilliant and I have no idea which so I've asked a friend to take a look at it before I proceed with it. If it's appalling then I will shelve it, but if it's not, I shall edit it muchly and seek a publisher. The reason for the extra care is because, when life goes so very badly wrong, big decisions need to be taken with care. And besides, I've written that novel so very quickly that it lacks my usual perspective. In a way, it's far more unadulterated Gillian than anything else I've written. My soul is on show...

There's more, but I have to go do some other work. I may be financial right now, but I'm terribly busy. If I get everything that has to be done today done, then it will include 5000 words and the review of a manuscript plus a truckload of housework. I've already done half the housework, which means clean sheets and dishes and clothes. It's a start.

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23rd November, 2016. 7:03 pm. Open Question Time

Given the bizarre week we're having, I'm re-opening my Question Time here and keeping it open til the end of the month. I'm happy to be asked about politics and Judaism (including personal things) but I'd appreciate courtesy and I will stick to my right to say "Sorry, this hurts so I can't answer" if a particular question cuts too close. I'll try not to, though, because there are enough negatives around already. So many people are having such a difficult month...

While this Question Time was opened for NaNoWriMo it's not specifically for NaNoWriMo people. And you're welcome to share the URL with anyone who you think has something they should be asking me.

The question I want to be asked this time is about English currency in the thirteenth century. Feel free to make astute guesses. If you want to ask me why parents don't like it when I explain about Santa, however, feel free.

This is open to anyone (you don't have to know me) and you can ask anything. I won't answer questions that require much research at my end - open question season is not a place for me to do significant amounts of research for others. If I don't know an answer off the top of my head, however, I will say so.

I'll try answering all questions (one way or another) but your best bet is to ask questions that fit my areas of expertise. I'm strongest on things historical (especially Medieval, but not by any means only Medieval), things political (especially given my recent post here), things to do with writing, editing, research, literature...

Let me take care of the standard questions. My current research is all to do with cultural constructs and genre and how we tell stories. The novel I'm working on right now is science fiction and about alien engagement with Earth and is sarcastic and feminist and full of chocolate and fruitcake. My next novel (publication-wise) is about colonialism and is not set on Earth.

The questions that are hardest for me to answer during question time are the ones that require long answers or are nebulous. With the nebulous questions, if you don't know precisely what you want to ask, then the likelihood is quite high that I will have equal difficulty giving you an answer. Also, very broad questions are difficult, because I'm a writer/historian and I see the world as complex. In other words, try to keep your questions specific. Be as precise as you can. "Did London shoes have shoelaces in the early fourteenth century?" is preferable to "What's the history of shoelaces ?" It also helps if I know a bit about you or why you want to know. "I am interested" will often get a quite different answer from "I need to know for my new novel and it's a NaNoWriMo novel so I can't go away and research for a week." I'm happy to be asked why this difference exists...

With history questions, remember that if a hundred years is a long time to you personally and if you've seen heaps of changes in your less-than-100-years, that this might also apply to people in the past - this is another reason to ask precise questions.

Frivolous questions are fine. I do not answer "How long is a piece of string?" or "What's your shoe size?" for once was enough for both of those questions.

Personal questions are fine for I can always be snarky or refuse to answer. I reserve the right to be snarky, in fact, or cheeky, or even impudent. I will take serious questions seriously, however. It's OK to ask me about being Jewish, especially if there isn't anyone else you can ask. It's not OK to ask me about my housekeeping.

This thread is open for questions until the end of the month.

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20th November, 2016. 12:07 pm. Open Question Time

Open question time is on my other blog. NOT HERE. Do not ask me questions here. I will not answer them. Go to: http://www.gillianpolack.com/open-question-time/

Edit: Note the date. This post is now entirely inaccurate due to... so much going wrong. My website is fine. And the rest is being trouble shot, one bit at a time. And breakfast today (Friday) was matcha icecream because it made things emotionally easier.

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