gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

Making up my mind

I have been giving great consideration to Cory Bernardi's thought that women need men to help them make decisions. Given my fathers are both dead and I am single, obviously I need help in this respect. I was going to ring his office and ask him directly (as so many other Australian women are considering doing right now on so many subjects), but I suspect Bernardi's helping with the Tampon Situation and is applying to join the Tea Party so instead I turn to my friends. My male friends, obviously, since my female friends are in the same position I am, of needing help. These are just my immediate questions.

All decisions on my behalf will be gratefully considered, but I can't actually accept them without someone to make the decision about accepting them on my behalf, also. Being a woman is so very difficult...

1. Do I make more coffee now, so that I have iced coffee later in the day?

2. What do I need on my shopping list? (Especially, what do I need that I don't realise I don't have, unless you think cream and spinach should be off that list)?

3. Do I work on book #2 this afternoon and book #1 this evening, or vice versa?

4. What time should I eat lunch today?

5. Do I like the current Australian government?

6. Do I leave washing the dishes until tomorrow?

7. Are chapters three and four of the non-Beast book properly considered or do I have to redo the outlines?

8. Do I need to read every book Joe Abercrombie has ever written, or just re-read The Heroes?

9. Do I need to make grimdark jokes throughout the writing of my next book chapter (not for my books, for someone else's) or will rehearsing the Old French insults from Raoul de Cambrai suffice?

10. Do I try getting out of bed on the wrong side tomorrow, just to see what happens?

11. Should I ask if anyone wants coffee in Woden this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon? Or should I pick up my spinach at the Indian shop and save Woden until next week?

12. Should I put my Vietnamese coffee gadget in my teaching box?

13. Should I read more Mary Poppins before or after my next bit of work?

14. Should I check for mail today?

15. Should my mind wander into the thoughts of others?

16. Should I wear the bottom of my trousers rolled?

17. Do I dare to eat a peach?

18. Will there be time to wonder?

19. How should I begin?

20. Ought I attempt to become a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas?

21. Should my soul clap its hands and sing?

22. When I get out of nature (as opposed to out of temper, which is what I am now) what form should I take? Something golden and Grecian, obviously, but what? (These questions are too difficult for a small, undecided female mind)

23. When should I wander through chartered streets? Before or after work? During work? Do I need a GPS?

24. Am I right in thinking that Bernardi's notion relates to mind-forged manacles? (You have two hours and a limit of 1000 words. Starting now.)

25. What do I really think of Cory Bernardi?

It's such a load off my mind, knowing I can't actually make any of these decisions for myself.
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