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My computer had a little meltdown because Microsoft decided to upgrade my system (to a whole new version) without warning or anything. A friend mostly sorted it, but I now have all the teething problems of a new system when really, I'd rather get on with the much-work I was in the middle of.

Only 2 more modules and my last 3 reflections and I'm finished this certificate. I'm really pleased I decided to do it. So many changes to how one approaches teaching since my Grad Dip, and this course has been quite specifically targeted at teaching undergrads, so my scatty knowledge is now more corporate and useful in form. When I get bored in class (which is seldom, for it's interesting material) I redesign my little project on teaching worldbuilding for writers. I think I have it all sorted now, and I know why my test wasn't working. My next step with it is to work out the relationship between it and story space, so that I can fit theory into the course without overwhelming it.

I've also spent much time on GUFF matters and they are underway. Mostly I'm waiting for replies and suggestions from various people and cannot progress. Mostly. For the rest of it, I push ahead, slowly. I'm confirmed for Loncon (which you already knew), Shamrokon and British Fantasy and almost confirmed for a Croatian convention. I'll see everyone else in between, en route, where i can, except for those Finnish fans who supported me so very wonderfully in the lead up to the vote count - they get a special visit. Pity the Finns! When my itinerary is firm, I'll put it up here, but under a flock.

When I've sorted out which SIM to get for the whole trip and how to actually buy it ahead of time, I shall have a phone number. And now my brain is spilling over with the things that must be done. And I only have a few minutes before class. Let me see what I can accomplish in those few minutes.
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