gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

Ms Cellophane

I need to celebrate! I need to celebrate in a Gillianish way.

What I've decided is to give a bag that Elizabeth-my-character might carry (on a bad day) full of goodies (including bookplates and the first edition of the book) to the person who produces the most delightful photo of Ms Cellophane in her new incarnation. The photo might be daft. It might be mad. It might be bad. It might be dangerous. It might be Byronic. It might feature tourist places, or chocolate. The ebook might be on a netbook, or an e-reader or a mobile phone or something else entirely.

Send your photos to me at Gillian(dot)Polack(at)anu(dot)edu(dot)au by 1 August. This gives you, your best friends and your worst enemies time to get hold of Ms Cellophane and be wildly creative.

PS My publisher has expressed a fond wish that at least some of the photos be NSFW. My publisher has also expressed an interest in possibly posting the most interesting photo on the Momentum website. My favourite photos will be shrunk to size and be put either on Facebook or on my website.

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