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I'm starting to develop Scroogitude again, it seems. It was funny forty years ago when someone called an end-of-year party a 'not-a-Christmas' party. These days it tells me that I'm wrong to be different. One person makes the joke each and every year - some years everyone makes the joke - and some years the deciders-of-such things decide that it is a Christmas party and we others must just deal. Yet they are the ones who resolutely refuse to deal when I have my own holy-days and parties.

I've been invited to my friends for Christmas this year. I love celebrating it. I love it when I get to be a visitor in someone else's culture. I don't like it when it's expected that I'll find my own otherness funny.

I am fighting Scroogitudiness with all my heart. I and my headcold are both fighting it, in fact. I think the best way of fighting it is to give presents. It doesn't matter where you live, if Australia Post can reach you, then you may have presents. I'll post them next week and will give them all away (ie if only one person wants a present from a certain class, they get a lovely bundle containing them all). The tone of my presents this year is somewhat Colonialist. This is the closest I ever get to making a subtle point.

1. National Library of Australia postcards, reproducing a page from a c1500 Book of Hours
2. Banksia pods (only two) from plants from very close to where the First Fleet landed (Sydneysiders may not request these, for they can collect their own)
3. Fridge magnets containing Middle French proverbs (titles available on request)
4. Bookmarks containing Middle French proverbs (titles available on request)
5. My usual really daft version of the Chanukah story, posted to this blog
6. One of my family's Jewish Christmas recipes (either cake or pudding, whichever I find first)
7. A dredel (cheap and plastic)
8. A recipe for latkes (blogged)

You may ask for as many as you like. I will use the magic sparkly black* sorting hat if I must, or allocate fairly, or spin a dredel to determine who gets what if an item is in high demand.

All requests must be in the comments on LJ or on FB by the time I wake up on Sunday. No correspondence may be entered into, but bad jokes are fine. Also, Christmas presents and cards are fine (I thought I ought to make this clear since people seem to assume they can other me verbally but that I'll be offended by cards and presents).

Chanukah doesn't start til Saturday night, so you have heaps of time to develop anti-Chanukah Scroogitudiness if you feel so inclined. Although it looks a bit daft to develop anti-Chanukah Scroogitudiness, since it's such a minor festival. What you should do is next year strike against honey cake.

*Scroogitudiness demands black
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