gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

International Women's Day

Momentum has kindly allowed me to give away a copy of Ms Cellophane for International Women's Day. I had all sorts of scintillating ideas for tags wars on Twitter and aphorisms and everything clever, but I've decided that there's a lot of wit around and many grand plans. What I'd like to see are thoughts on the types of women you'd like to see in the novels you read. You may already be finding them in your reading. If you are, maybe give us examples so that we, too can enjoy these awesome female characters. You may, however, yearn for them (I yearn for superhero grandmothers, for instance, to match several real women I know - I'm tired of elderly women who are lesser beings). You may have an entire thread of your own, or comment on someone else's. The more we talk about interesting fictional women, the happier I am (and the more names I write onto slips).

I shall put all the names in the purple sparkly sorting hat, and I shall draw a winner on Canberra Day (this Monday). This turns a one day celebration into a three-and-a-bit day one, and means we all get to talk about stories about women. And one reader (who doesn't have to know me, who doesn't have to live in Australia, but who probably should have the capacity to read ebooks) will win a copy of Ms Cellophane.

Details of Ms Cellophane are here:
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