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Women's History Month guests - finding your favourite post

Women's History Month is over for another year. All that remains for me to do is give you a table of contents, so that we can all can find our favourite post, or check out stories we somehow missed.

Thank you, all my guests (including those who meant to give me posts but had family emergencies, unexpected work deadlines or simply ran out of time) - it's been a great pleasure.

This year was the fifteenth and last year of the national committee, so there's a bit more of me in these posts than usual. I keep wanting to apologise for this, but there's nothing to apologise for. I'm in terrific company, though, for almost all the women who gave me guest posts apologised and worried if their writing was appropriate. This single fact alone is one of the reasons why we still need Women's History Month. We don't have to apologise for our work, and we especially don't have to apologise for our passions!

It's been a wonderful month, with so many thoughtful and interesting posts. Thank you all!

And now, alphabetically by first name:

Alex Isle
Ambelin Kwaymullina (International Women’s Day guest)
Brian Wainwright
Carrie Vaughn
Faye Ringel
Foz Meadows
Gillian Polack with addendum
Gillian Polack (a comment on an earlier post)
Gillian Polack (again! special favour from owner of blog, obviously)
Helen Stubbs
Isolde Martyn
Jason Franks
Jason Nahrung
Jenny Blackford
Joyce Chng
Kaaron Warren
Kari Sperring
Kathleen Cunningham Guler
Kate Forsyth
Katrin Kania
Laura Goodin
Mary Victoria
Nicky Strickland
Pamela Freeman – wrote for Cranky Ladies blogtour this time:
Persia Woolley
Queenie Chan
RJ Barker
Satima Flavell
Shana Worthen
Sharyn Lilley
Sherwood Smith
Sue Bursztynski
Tamara Mazzei
Tsana Dolichva
Vashti Farrer
Yaritji Green

For other posts related to women’s history see
The Cranky Ladies of History Blogtour – crowd fundraising for the anthology, which you may want to watch out for.
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