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Happy dancing

My news is of a totally botched delivery of the pre-release copies of Langue[dot]doc 1305, saved by a friend who spent a chunk of her day chasing the copies until she got them. It's a very exciting story, and I'm very grateful to her for it really should have been a straightforward matter of being home at the right time and accepting delivery. She has an account of the book's voyages here:

This novel is much voyaged, for a story that I thought I'd never write. One day I'll present it as one of those Medieval Irish saints' voyages, but today I'm thinking about the first step and about today's delivery.

The first step is a little embarrassing. I told everyone "I do not write hard science into my novels, though I might play with it for a short story" and yet Langue[dot]soc 1305 was checked by CSIRO and had advice from an astronomer and a time travel expert and others. I also said that I would always keep a firm barrier between history-for-fiction and history-for-history and lo, this I have not done here either. What I might do, in fact, when the book comes closer to actual launch date, is talk about a couple of the techniques I used to bring the history side of me and the fiction side of me closer together. An essay, maybe. And, to make it worse, I said "I'm not going to write a time travel novel that takes modern people into the 14th century. Never. Ever." Van Ikin somehow persuaded me to do otherwise.

So much egg on face! And in such a good cause!

In a few minutes I am catching up with Karon Warren. She's giving me an annotated copy of Slights for auction at Loncon, and some rather interesting "Where do you get your ideas from?" packs for writers, also for auction. I'm hoping we have a cuppa, and with any luck I'll get all my messages done. That will free up the desk for work. I do not know why I celebrate novels with work, but I do. I get a rush of energy and want to finish my next project. Today, that's easy. I have just to hours work to do on one article. Today I am an adrenaline junkie... an adrenaline junkie with a novel that is only one step away from its first meeting with its public.
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