gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

How to avoid Gillian at Conflux

This is not a complete guide, for I don't know who is on panels with me. And I have illustrative food for my magic workshop, so some people might want to come just to see what I think of as 'illustrative food.' Here, then, is the basic guide to avoiding me the weekend after next. These are from the draft program. To avoid me completely, you might want to check this online version of the program closer to the event:

Friday 10.00 am
Workshop: Putting magic in your fiction

Sunday 12 pm
Book Launch “The Time of the Ghosts” by Gillian Polack, published by Satalyte

Sunday 12.30 pm
Fan Auction

Sunday 1.30 pm
Panel: Using Grammar wot’s bad konstruktivlee
A discussion about when breaking the golden rules of grammar works and why.

Sunday 2.30 pm
Panel: What were we watching then?
Reminiscing about Classic TV shows of the 60’s

Sunday 4.30 pm
Guest Talk Gillian Polack “Building the world of your novel: how narratives help writers”
How writers shape the worlds they write in.

Monday 10 am
Panel: Food in fiction
Food can be an important world building tool in fiction. Writers share their thoughts on writing about food in fiction, their favourite fictional food appearances and maybe a recipe or two.

Monday 2.30 pm
Panel: Finding Authenticity
Finding the authenticity sweet spot between not enough research and far too much. Panellists discuss how they go about researching a story. Where do they start? How do they know which information makes it onto the top 10% of the iceberg above the water? When do they sacrifice accuracy for the sake of the story? How do they find those populist touchstones that create a convincing world in their readers’ minds? And how do they use them without their work descending into stereotype?

Monday 3.30 pm
Panel: Real Vampires
Are real vampires horrifying? Do real vampires sparkle? Are real vampires sexy? Or are they merely blood sucking fiends best decorated with a stake in their chests? Drawing on the rich and varied literature, films and other media our panellists discuss what makes a ‘great’ vampire!

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