gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

My market haul today was some fresh young goat's cheese, sparkly crisp new season's apples, loquats (which were extraordinarily cheap because only a few of us know what they are and they don't cook into anything), zucchini flowers, a potato, some very young sweet Japanese cucumbers, six tiny rich dark-red capsicums (why do I think that this ought to be capsica and then want to make science fiction jokes?) and some tomatoes. This balances what I got on Friday and I'm fine for the week, except that I will need to buy milk in a few days. I've done all my cooking-in-advance, too - these are all for making on the day.

This means I'm very well-placed to do much, much work this week. I have several things to finish, and I would like to write 14k of the novel. I think I've found out a way for me, personally, to avoid a sagging middle (which my novels are prone to, first draft) and I want to get past it and find out if this works.

In other news, spring lasted less than a week, in the end, and we're already into summer.
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