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Today I'm posting as a link in a blogchain that connects a bunch of writers round the world. I'll paste the whole chain in another post so that you can explore their blogs: there are some interesting people in there. Whenever I poke my head out of the speculative fiction community I am reminded how diverse writers are as individuals and how fascinating their thoughts can be.

The writer before me in the chain was Tiffany (from the Bahamas). She had the fortuitousness of a brother's birthday to keep her on topic. I don't. At least, I don't think I do. The male side of the family only does weddings and graduations: I have no idea when my brothers' birthdays are. I tend to give them presents when I see them, just to be safe. I know when my sisters' birthdays are (long family story behind why I know some and not others), but they don't like celebrating either. Am I the only birthday-loving person out of seven of us? I give them presents when I see them, too. Mostly on Jewish holidays. Which are coming up. Eek! Lots and lots of presents to be bought.

I have already bought my mother's present. She seldom expresses an interest in particular things and keeps telling us "I don't need presents", but she *did* fall in love with Donna Maree Hanson's "Australian Speculative Fiction: A Genre Overview." Donna stayed with her for a few days this time last year because I decided that Donna and she would be soulmates - the best present one can give anyone is a new friend. I was right about the soulmates bit. I would come down in the morning and find Mum and Donna conversing very happily over breakfast. They looked up at me with such innocent faces that I knew exactly what they were talking about, too. I am a bit nervous as to how Donna will sign the copy of her book for Mum, but I guess I will just have to grin and bear it.

Mum loves that book - when she met my copy she kept opening it and saying "Oh, I like that author" and "Don't want to read that one" and "I pictured him looking quite different."

Meeting authors can be a fun thing. What's even more fun is sharing the excitement of someone else discovering new writers and more books by favourite writers. Your next new writer is Liv - she follows me in the blogchain. Give her a little time to put a post up, then enjoy!
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