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This post is for Kelly, who does some pretty cool youth work and is celebrating work by and for youth right now on her blog If you want to support her, or to celebrate a bit yourself, just put up a post!! (maybe if you let her know you have done so, she can celebrate you celebrating youth and we get a joyous little circle)

One of my favourite groups of teenagers who are doing some awesome stuff is in Louisiana. Louisiana is infamous for its low literacy rates, so a group of kids from Dutchtown Middle School working to develop literacy and love of books nationally is really something to celebrate. Team Dynamite set the ball rolling two years ago, followed by the Asteroid Team last year. Asteroid Team handled the extra difficulties thrown up by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita with the greatest aplomb. These kids are awesome, and so is their teacher, Monique Wild. You can find them here:

I talk about them from time to time, because I admire what they're doing so very much. When I was in Louisiana I heard lots of complaints about literacy and so many people were worried about the future of children who didn't get access to the education they needed for adult life. These kids are taking it in their own hands and giving themselves and others those opportunities. I love it and I love them. I keep wishing I could meet them. Instead I read book reviews and admire their posters and check out how they are doing from time to time.
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