June 28th, 2005

(no subject)

devinjay made a comment today about being well-read.

I don't know what being well-read *is* anymore. I have read lots of books that used to be regarded as canon, but not many of the New Literary Greats, which means that, by 1940s standards I am passingly (but not supremely) well-read and by modern lit crit standards I am woeful. I am pig-ignorant in some important modern genres (not Literary Fiction - I tend to regard that as a series of authors, rather than a genre and some I adore and some I abhore, which is why I have not read so many - this is selective ignorance rather than pig-ignorance). Especially comics - I need more speculative fiction comics in my life. This is the fault of capnoblivious who lends me Girl Genius volumes: I am in danger of imminent addiction.

The other question is, what use is having read all of Thomas Hardy if you *forget* most of it? Does it mean you get to call yourself well-forgotten instead of well-read?

PS Yes, I am still totally enjoying Cordwainer Smith, so he is no longer part of my well-forgottenness. He was clever and had a supremely readable style and you tend to forget until you have finished a story that some of the plots are nugatory. (Sorry, I just had to get 'nugatory' into a sentence. I spent yesterday writing the icky sequences of the WIP and the end is in sight for it and I decided that my celebration would be to keep 'nugatory' alive in my vocabulary. It is a good word.)

PPS My mind is a bit scatty today. So is my prose. So please don't laugh.