July 4th, 2005

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Today I am paying for my days that were supposed to be quiet.

Is there anyone here who *enjoys* migraines? This one needs a good home. It is not fair on the poor creature to have to put up with my whingeing....

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Printed in London by Richarde Ihones "and are to be solde ouer agaynst Saint Sepulchres Church, without Newgate." 1578

"The Right Excellent and famous Historye, of Promos and Cassandra; Deuided into two Commicall Discourses. In the fyrste parte is showne, the vnsufferable abuse, of a lewde Magistrate: The vertuous behauiours of a chaste ladye: The vncontrowled leawdenes of a fauored Curtisan. And the vndeserued etimation of a pernicious Parasyte. In the second parte is discoursed, the perfect magnanimitye of a noble kinge, in checking vice and fauouring Vertue: Wherein is showne, the Ruyne and ouerthrowe, of dishonest practises: with the aduauncement of vpright dealing. The worke of George Whetstones Gent."

You wouldn't believe how relieved I was to find that this play about a lewde Magistrate and a Curtisan and a pernicious Parasyte was written by a Gentleman. I wonder how it would read as a fantasy novel - a bit Kushner, I would thnk?

PS I can stop panicking about being on so many panels at Continuum. The program is having its inevitable last-minute changes and it looks as if my Sunday morning may be suddenly less onerous.