November 27th, 2005

(no subject)

I am thinking decorations. I have reached the stage where I can't cope with all that Christmas sound and light and colour without turning all kinds of Jewish. Chanukah overlaps with Christmas this year so I am thinking about decorating my flat. Challenging all those oversized santas in the mall with my very own gaudy loungeroom.

The trouble is that I feel uncreative. I can't even draw stick figures. I have a few stock Chanukah decorations sent by a US friend, but otherwise I am stymied.

Which reminds me, if any friends have not been invited to celebrate Chanukah at my place and would like to, please say. I was an idiot and started issuing invitations while I was wreathed in migraines and now I have *no* idea who I have invited and who is coming and who still might like to come. I guess this will make the whole celebration a lot more interesting.

Given that I have uninentionally added a note of confusion to Chanukah already, I have decided to go with the mood of the season and we will make up our own rules for dredel playing this year. If friends bring chocolate coins we will gamble for them, otherwise it is matchsticks. Nice matchsticks. Glorious technicolour. Luridity personified. But yes, matchsticks. I guess this is a suggestion that people might enjoy themselves more if they brought some chocolate coins. One can never have too many chocolate coins.