November 29th, 2005

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Today is officially a high pain day. If anyone had plans to play practical jokes on me, please put them on hold. All chocolate gratefully accepted.

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I was all prepared to curl up in a ball to cry, today, because I just hurt so. I went to teach because it was the last class of the Jewish course and my students have all been so much fun and so enthusiastic I didn't want to let them down. I warned them I was teaching through a migraine, but not about the rest of it. They not only dealt, but they got me coffee and, when I couldn't find words to answer things (pain obscures words, sometimes), rephrased the question to give me time. I taught way over the time limit, simply because everyone just wanted to stay and learn more. In the end I had to say "You all look really, tired - we have to finish." First time ever that teaching through so much pain has been a positive pleasure.

Just now I opened the evaluation sheets. I hate evaluation. Even though I mostly get really nice comments, I still hate it. And in courses such as this one, there is always the potential for closet bigotry to come out. It didn't. The only complaint my students had was that the course wasn't long enough. One of them said (not knowing how much or little I am paid) that I should be paid more. They sounded me out during the class about the possibility of more next year. And they gave me a little card thanking me.

What a lovely way to finish my teaching for the year!! I am in tears again, but these are happy tears.