December 26th, 2005

Spiced wine

The second night of Chanukah tonight, so a second recipe. This one is hysterical or historical depending on how much you drink. It comes from around the end of the fourteenth century. Use the recipe as a guide, adjusting the proportions to taste.

Take 3 oz of ground cinnamon, 3 oz of ground ginger, 3 oz of spikenard. Add lesser quantities (the recipe says a denier) of the following spices: galingale, cloves (no more than 1/2 teaspoon, I suggest), gillyflower (if you can get it, which I have never succeeded in doing), long pepper (Asian groceries have this, sometimes), nutmeg, cardamon, mace. Add a generous pinch of each of the following: grains of paradise, cassia bud. Mix the powder well and put it in a fine bag (saves you doing about 3 stages of filtration!). Heat about 3 bottles of red wine gently and let the spices sit in it for a bit (how long a bit? anything from an hour to a day, I guess). Add honey to taste (not part of the recipe, but recommended). Drink at room temperature.

If this recipe has too many unusual ingredients and you want something easier, let me know and I will find another one.