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Even in a little thing

14th February, 2009. 2:58 pm.

Today is a 'tween day. It ought not be. It ought to be frantically busy. I have so many things today and they are all time dependent. But it is a 'tween day and there is just no fighting it.

On 'tween days, one naps, languorously, and then wakes up to nibble chocolate or have a glass of cool, clear water. On 'tween days one thinks about the reading pleasures in store and then falls into a daydream. On 'tween days one laughs at lists and deadlines.

'Tween days are for replenishing the soul.

If anyone has even the smallest crisis or emergency today, I shall strangle them forthwith*.

*I'm not counting the two meetings I had today, since I didn't realise it was a 'tween day till after they were finished. Maybe I'm in the middle of a 'tween two hours?

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