February 15th, 2009

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Today is a little bit odd. I grabbed a quick shower after Karen came to pick me up for a meeting (she was patient - which was wise, since me turning up in my night attire was probably not sensible), because the phone rang before I was done with another meeting and there had been no time earlier for the stuff of everyday life. In fact, I only got lunch by cooking and eating one of my test 19th century recipes during the meeting. I don't remember getting breakfast at all, though I had a biscuit for morning tea (another of the 19th century recipes, this one I made yesterday).

Since I got back from my second meeting, I've been on the phone for all sorts of family things. I've managed to find out what's happening with my rural Victorian family (various branches). The closest the fire is to one cousin-by-marriage is 30 ks away, which will be just fine as long as we don't get wind and more heat. Embers are a major concern.

Mum and I were discussing what to do with my father's pelargoniums and she has already decided what to do about his cacti. If any of you knew Les and would like a memento of him, contact my mother the next few days and you can be the proud owner of a cactus.

Mum also reminded me that I have important religious duties that cannot be neglected: viz Purim. If anyone wants an invitation to come and drink the contents of my liquor cabinet as part of my annual Purimic obligations, please say. I don't feel like partying wildly, but I'm very happy to have a group of congenial friends supporting me in the annual drunken binge. I am too absent-minded right now to invite people in the regular way, so let me know if you're interested and I'll work out the details. It's backwards, but it should work.

I still find it strange that it is a religious obligation for me to get drunk and that my mother should feel impelled to remind me.

Non-drinkers are welome. I'll make some of the Louisiana cakes and things for the occasion, so the food will be something special.

For the next step of my odd day, I shall fry Southern chicken in a Korean omelette pan. I've given up trying to catch up on the sleep I so desperately need. In fact, I haven't even ahd time to have a glass of water. Which would explain part of the headache. The rest is overexhaustion and a change in the weather.

All of this explains why my mind is everywhere.