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Even in a little thing

6th March, 2009. 11:32 pm.

I'm kinda looking forward to the end of March. Only three things I had to do today (as opposed to about a thousand I put off). This was good, because my virus is not gone and I spent most of the day asleep. Whenever the phone rang and I dragged myself out of bed it turned out to be someone who had forgotten something perfectly obvious and who neded to be retold it. Except once, and that was because two other people had forgotten perfectly obvious things. That last call made me maddest, I think (I waxed wode), because she had worked a whole week to fill in the gaps caused by two-otherwise-sane people who could not get their act together.

If you want me to continue to be obscure, then I shall talk of small sadnesses. Friends who have drifted away. And not name them. Not naming is my rule of the day.

If I'm not better on Monday I might have to go to the doctor. That's because I have some secondary infection. I'm not as sick as I was yesterday if I'm in this aslant and strange mood. Every fibre of my being is exhausted and I have interesting symptoms, but I'm definitely better than yesterday.

I know no-one apart from me need to know most of this. Tomorrow, I promise, I'll find something you want to know. Or maybe something you need to know, which will be a lot more fun at my end.

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