September 16th, 2010

Winds of Change - next CSFG anthology

The editor of the next CSFG anthology is Elizabeth Fitzgferald, who did such a great job sub-editing Baggage. I promised her two weeks ago I would post the call for stories here and today I finally remembered...

Submissions for the next CSFG Publishing anthology, Winds of Change, are welcome between 15 September 2010 and 31 January 2011.

Winds of Change will be edited by Elizabeth Fitzgerald. Stories may be any length up to 5,000 words. All approaches to the theme are welcome, as long as they are by nature speculative.

Payment will be contributors’ copies plus $10 for stories under 1,500 words and $25 for all others based on published word count.

Submissions are encouraged from Australian writers of all levels of experience, with special encouragement given to CSFG members.

Submissions should be sent (as .rtf attachments only) to Please make sure that the following information is in the email proper:

Email address
Name of Story
Word Count
Other contact information

If you wish to contribute to the interior artwork, please contact

(no subject)

I have had chicken soup. This is a health statement, I'm afraid. Not a particularly good day on that front. I'm maybe 30% caught up with what needs catching up with before tomorrow at dusk, so the world is not ending, though if I could find out where my energy is seeping from I could put some putty over the leak and feel better.

This post wasn't supposed to be a sorry statement. It was supposed to be a reminder. If anyone needs to contact me before Sunday, they might want to know that I shall be incommunicado from about 4 pm Friday until Sunday morning. Though you could ring me Saturday late if it's really urgent. And if it's a life or death matter ring and say that to my answering machine and leave a number and I will hear you and ring back. Life or death matters are the only exception though. The Day of Atonement has its own rules.

My brain has its own rules on migraine days. Wandering words are the most interesting part. If anyone finds stray words and phrases just shoo them back in my direction, please.