March 31st, 2011

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I've just been informed that it's International Hug a Medievalist Day. I'm looking around suspicously and wondering if I know whoever thought this up. Probably not.

Women's History Month: Juliet Marillier

We stand on our mothers’ shoulders

When Gillian invited me to post here as part of Women’s History Month, I immediately thought about the different ways in which men and women pass down their legacies to future generations. I touched on that in a scene from my novel Heart’s Blood. Here, secular scribe Caitrin, employed to sort and translate family documents, is taking time to look at some garments stored in an old chest.

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Women's History month - overview

It's late Thursday night and March is nearly finished. There may be a couple of late posts for Women's History Month, because Australia is hitting the end of March earlier than some other countries. Also, there may not. It's been a difficult month for some of my friends, and they've had to bow out gracefully. Either way, it's been a totally wonderful WHM from my point of view. I've enjoyed the guest posts so very much! So have readers. Not many people commented, but a *lot* of people have been dropping in and reading. Thank you all, for sharing WHM with me.

I asked if I should do it again, and the answer was a resounding 'yes' and now I can't help thinking of all the women I haven't asked who have really interesting things to say. I might ask some of the same friends back, since we haven't even begun to see all that they are. I'm very, very lucky to know so many fascinating people (the men around here are pretty cool, too, you see, just not visible this March). You'll have to wait, though, to hear from them. Only eleven more months...

To help you while away those eleven months, here are the women you've met since 1 March, alphabeticised by first name. At the bottom of the list you'll find a couple of other links so that you can see how WHM has grown and changed in Australia over the last eleven years. If you explore those links, a few of the names in those earlier celebrations may be familiar to you.Collapse )
A quick overview and the main site for Australia's WHM.

The archives of Australia's WHM at the National Library.

What our online discussions used to be like.

Next year, I think I'll have a coffee in the exact spot outside the exact coffee shop Helen Leonard, Lulu Respall-Turner, Veronica Wensing and I sat, when the big decision was made to actually have a WHM for Australia. Basically, Helen said "I want to do this. I have a plan. I need you." If anyone would like to join me in this coffee, let me know just a bit closer to the time (for my memory is fallible - I can't even remember if Veronica was there at that precise meeting, or came later! I'll have to ask her.)