March 23rd, 2012

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OK, another bad start to the day. I got notice of a post about me. I haven't read the post at this stage - it probably explains everything and is fair and honest and generous. Still, the fact that it was made publicly means that the person who wrote it hurts, so let me say (also publicly) what I have said to him privately.

To Nick Evans: I'm sorry for saying the things I said. I didn't realise that it would hurt so much. I was being sarcastic at your expense, because I really hated the name calling in a post you wrote. I will refrain from being sarcastic at your expense in future, and I'm sorry it hurt so much.

What I said originally that hurt him (so that we're clear) is this: in October 2011: "Also, watch Cranky Nick's blog, for last time I did a post like this he disliked it. This year I'm actively collecting adjectives about me from people who I've never met and so I await his comments with interest. I mentioned my own work in the post I did last year, so let me do that now, for consistency. All my published work for 2011 is non-fiction and not eligible for Aurealis. All my personal favourite essays/reviews are on BiblioBuffet this time around. My personal favourites, however, are of pretty limited use, as they are what I like of what I've written."

And this (on Twitter 21 March 2012) - "Careful CrankyNick will call you vile names!"

And, finally, yesterday, I wrote a third comment. I wrote it immediately prior to sending him that apology and before he wrote me a second letter.

What I said yesterday did not use any names, if you will remember, for I was about to write an apology (which I did) and I was expressing my upset about the whole thing. Just to make it really clear, the only things I said about Nick Evans were the above. In his first email, Mr Evans called me an 'arsehole.' He stands by his language because the below was unacceptable.

"I started today with an email in which I was called names. I'm so not going into it except that I am not guilty of what I am supposed to be guilty of and it topped off my week (and now the person is going to be upset that I mentioned it in public, even though I have not said who it is or what they were talking about - this is, after all, one of those months). Normally I would just bite my tongue, but I suspect I'm a bit closer to the edge than I want to be. My eye and teeth are making my body vulnerable, the thief made my physical surrounds vulnerable and now my character is vulnerable. Also, I have PMT and things *hurt*."

Now you have the whole story from my end, except the private letters. This will make it easier for concerned parties (and I assume that there are concerned parties, otherwise he wouldn't be so upset) to make their own minds up on the issue.

I am sincere about the apology, and won't be posting about him again.

ETA: I have been asked about this and so a clarification is necessary. My permission was not sought before my private correspondence on this matter was made public.

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WHM will be a bit later tonight.

Two very wonderful friends have helped replace two of the most emotionally significant losses from the burglary and tell me firmly that these are birthday presents. Other friends have located me websites where I can replace the coins, the badge, some of the jewellery. Thank you, everyone! It has helped emotionally as well as helping in other ways. I now have a list of things I need and I shall work through them methodically - I still have not found the type of careful replicas I need for teaching, but the rest is happening. I shall buy my workstuff first, and then take my time with everything else. The insurance people have told me how much I will be given to spend on replacing things like the teaching tools. All this is very good.

My loungeroom looks normally messy and most things are where they belong. My L-space is still worrying and so are parts of my bedroom, but it'll all be back to rights by Monday.

I'm at the stage where I only have one hour of theft related follow-up phonecalls in a day and soon that will diminish further. And I can sit at the computer a whole hour and a half at a time - my eye is finally deciding it can deal with the bloodmist.

In other words, I'm halfway to getting my life back.

This calls for a celebration. I shall order that replacement for the Becket pilgrim badge, just as soon as I've rested my eye. And I might buy myself a Pesach present of a second pilgrim badge while I'm ordering. I was thinking of one of the very unPC ones, obviously bought by very unPC pilgrims.