April 4th, 2012

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Last night they started much burning off around my part of Canberra. When I did my messages today, everyone was grumpy. I was grumpiest of all.

The burning off began with me having the scariest asthma attack in years. I had even more interesting dreams than the night before, but they were all in three-and-a-bit hour batches (for that is how long the asthma medication lasted).

My messages today were all urgent. It was the last day of class for the term and it was my favourite Wednesday class and they needed something special. And it was all going to be done without much breath.

I survived it. My class survived it. Thank goodness for the cakes from last night (what does Gillian do when she can't breathe? she keeps moving to help relax the spasming muscles making it worse, and warmth and steam help, so inventing one last cake recipe was inevitable) because today's class was all about transitive and intransitive verbs, basic conjugation, prefixes and suffixes, and the origins of dictionaries. My class had asked for these things, but we all made slow work of it. It was still a good class, but there was much effort involved from all parties.

I did my messages on the way home. I was too exhausted by them and by two miles of walking in the grey air and I put the urgent stuff away and then went to lie down. I've only just emerged and think maybe I shall repeat that last step. More sleep. Very, very tempting. Still, I have food, I have done the stuff requiring signature, I've been to the bank, I've taught and I've fed many people much cake.

For a few hours I shall focus on this breathing thing (more antihistamines! more asthma meds! more rest!) and then I shall work my way through the other things that I must do today. The body needs to be given due respect, and it shall be.

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I only have three things left on my tonight's list. Should I do them? Or should I waste much time?

I've run out of baking energy. I have fed the masses this week and have run out of most of the ingredients I needed to run out of. This means I could clean my kitchen tonight? No, I didn't think so either.

I shall finish my three things, just to prove I can do it. Also, because the year just became a little busier, in a good way.

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I can't work out if my last book for the day is something that ought to transform my research forever or is so off-base that I should just ignore it. I am taking yasminke's advice and giving up on work until tomorrow. I can't go without doing something to justify my existence, however, so I shall give you some links:

I wrote a guest post http://www.glynisj.com/2012/04/02/guest-post-gillian-polack-her-thoughts-about-values/.

Anna Tambour was going to give me a post for WHM, but, she says "But I think that instead, I would rather your readers see a column by Marcus Ng, on zhaitang. And what are they? It's all explained here:
"Many of these solitary women migrants came to live together in zhaitang, which drew upon a strain of independence with roots in a 19th-century movement in the Shunde district of Guangdong, whereby girls refused the captivity of traditional marriage and organised themselves into self-sustaining collectives." "

And, finally, did I link to this week's BiblioBuffet*? http://www.bibliobuffet.com/bookish-dreaming/1730-navigating-the-unvoid-040112

That's not nearly enough links. If any of you have websites you feel are worth a look, feel free to share them in the comments.

On a final note - does anyone want an open question period? April is a questioning kind of month, and I'm willing to have one if there is a need for it.

*I have trained my column so it's the URL that appears when I type 'book' into my browser. There are possibly more useful things I could have done with my time that day.