April 20th, 2012

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Today I don't have many things at all to do. They're big things, though. A half dozen things, each of which will take several hours. Some of the size is because I can't take notes on my netbook because the burglar took my netbook and it hasn't been replaced yet. Anyhow, this means I will be back at my computer, but not for a bit.

My incentives for today are many.

1. I get to cross an item off my list! (the one of things I'm catching up on after the last two months)
2. I get to see a film if a read enough books (10 books and I get a film - I have a free voucher that must be used by Tuesday, but fitting it in has always been problematic).
3. I will have finished 2/3 of the 18 books for my doctorate ie I shall look terrifyingly hard-working (polishing off books at the end of a stage of a project is far faster than reading them initially).
4. I get to sleep in tomorrow if I do enough work today.
5. Chocolate.

Since one of the tasks is replacing stolen items (shopping!) it is quite possible that number five will come about while I'm doing said shopping.

Now that my lists have lists, I suspect it's time to go. I might get dressed first. The National Library discourages those without clothing from using its resources.

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Lots of things to report, but first, a question for the twitterati or the twitterates (or even both) among my friends. How do I prevent tweets from appearing on LJ? I don't want them here! All (polite) advice gratefully received. All other advice will be handled in a suitable manner.

I did everything today. Two-thirds of my big stack of reading that had escaped my attention is now disposed of. I read three whole books this morning and all the rest were spot checks in case I'd missed something. This means all I need is a uni library trip on Tuesday and I shall be done with the reading that was supposed to be done a month ago. Chapter Six will be ready to sort and rethink and even to start drafting. Yay!!!*

I've made a start on more replacement of items using insurance money. Neither Target nor Myers had some of the thing that the thief stole, so I replaced those things with a new pillow and a pair of winter pyjamas. None of the clothes were anything I would wear, but Canberra is like that for clothes, so I shall try Sydney and Melbourne down the track. Still, I bought two bags of stuff and feel possessed**. No, that's not right. I feel I have possessions. I also have some chocolate. And coriander. And a pomegranate. These were my rewards for looking at clothes and contemplating them.

*The extra exclamation marks are for Nicole, because they annoy her and Evil Gillian has surfaced.
**Not just Evil Gillian, but Evil Gillian being forced to shop - I am so not a dedicated shopper!

The earth quakes (but not very hard)

Now I've read my emails, let me reassure you that the Canberra earthquake was no big deal. I'm on the fault line that joins the fault line from Wee Jasper (where the earthquake was) and I didn't realise until I checked the news that what woke me up this morning was an earthquake. I must have been very soundly asleep!

The ABC says that it's the largest earthquake to hit the region in over a decade. The region, however, is on one of the most stable continents this planet has, so that isn't any indication of problems. If you want more reassurance, the report is here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-04-20/earthquake-rattles-canberra-residents/3961720?section=act

The area around Christchurch is still getting this size quake daily (or more often). Check this out - and send good thoughts NZ's way: http://www.geonet.org.nz/earthquake/quakes/recent_quakes.html

If you feel worried and want to send me chocolate, feel free, but possibly natural disaster isn't the right justification.

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I keep postponing making decisions on the seaside Canberra thingie. Tomorrow, I promise.

I keep doing work and when I stop I look at the keyboard and I can type, but I can't think. If I can think, maybe I'll do a poll and let you decide who gets a postcard (I'll abide by your decision, too, even if all suggestions get equal votes), after all, there are two poems, a jellyfish and other delights.

Talking about other delights, I could work. Or I could sleep. One day I'll find out how to work and sleep at the same time, and that will solve all my problems.

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After great consideration and much deep pondering sleep is the only real option tonight. This is because the consideration and pondering keep being shoved aside by my brain saying "Yeah, tired." Right now I can't even get tags on Twitter right, much less anything resembling work.

Tomorrow is soon enough to sort things out. Not even very early tomorrow, for I'm leaving my alarm clock in my handbag where it can't wake me up. I shall explain very carefully to the earth underneath that it need not feel obliged to quake, and to my body that the aches can go. Most of this fatigue and pain is the aftermath of all that anaesthetic still. This is why I'm not taking it very seriously. I want it to go, though, and so I shall sleep.

If I say it often enough I might stop yawning for long enough to stand up and work out where my bedroom is.