April 25th, 2012

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My bread is rising and so I'm taking a computer break to say 'hi.' When I've rested, I shall make cupcakes. Then, I guess, I might have to do housework. I so don't want to do housework. I wish my friends could just eat the bread and cake without needing the place in half-order and clean.

(no subject)

What a wonderful birthday I've had. I not only got to see some of my dear friends, but they gave me presents. One of the presents was the opening screening of The Avengers. People turned up in costume and one Iron Man not only got a round of applause as he walked in, but then told all of us to enjoy his movie.

My presents are very Gillianish. I have goose fat, for instance, and ROD The TV (my favourite anime of all time) and a book and notebook and steampunk scarf and roses and chocolate and bookmarks and a pencil and Han Solo in carbonite moulds (which should make rather good-looking chocolate, especially if I can get the colour right). Apparently there are more presents on the way, too, which is rather magic.

Kaaron Warren made me an ANZAC birthday cake, and her daughter decorated it. I have two lovely pictures (from Donna and Griff) but I can't seem to save them to disk and transfer them to LJ. If I work out how (or someone knows how to get more options in Picture Viewer) I shall post them for your envy. The cake itself is all gone and was delicious.

Thank you everyone, for your good wishes and for being just being there. Part of the joy of this birthday was coming online and finding friends in lurk.