January 5th, 2016

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Today was supposed to be a library research day, but it's wet and achey and I'm doing work at home instead. It isn't that I'm short of work, after all. The only downside of this is that I need to put something in a postbox and I walk outside and look at the sky and walk straight back inside again.

Anyhow, due to this circumstance I'm starting some of my reading ahead of time. This means that I've discovered that if one wanted to buy butter in Cambridge in the early 18th century (and possibly in the late 17th) it was available by the yard (pound or half pound, actually, but measured by the yard to suit the cooks in the colleges) on Saturdays. I won't be doing as much reading today as usual. I have writing and admin to occupy my rest-of-day.

Right now I'm putting off the admin. It's the only task that has a timestamp on it today, so of course it's the dullest of the tasks. I should finish it. Really, I should.

Am I inspiring myself yet?

I'm not normally so uninspired by admin. It's a side effect of the aches, I think. And the aches are the side effect of both the weather and a return to Schroedinger's Gillian. My teaching has been cut back for 2016, and so many other matters are in the air. Of the matters concerning which life is vague, there is unlikely to be good news, but there is a distant possibility of good news and so I fall back into bad old habits. Which reminds me, I have an academic article to edit, I should add it to my list for the day and get it done today and tomorrow. Early is better than on time, given I have a heap of deadlines this month. The less money I earn, the more deadlines I encounter. My publication record right now is impeccable.