January 7th, 2016

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Today was pretty much a day off, because I finished watching Penny Dreadful and have now seen the original Mad Max movie. I also saw the recent Cinderella, which was very soothing and predictable. All of these came for me and must be returned by me quite soon, which was good, for I needed thinking time for my research. Things weren't fitting together and the movies helped. Except Constantine. Constantine as a movie exemplified the reason I had trouble with my thinking. Workwise, I finished with five books and hope to finish with at least two more, but it's a small day.

Except ... that thinking time meant I now understand why medicine lost the use of magic formulae and that it mostly happened in the 17th century. This makes me very happy.

It's a big world view issue and means I may be able to marry the medieval with the modern in a range of things. I'll have to check them out for those things, of course, but I now have the proper framework for so checking. Basically, Keith Thomas led me gently astray. I'll have to re-read him when I've fully sorted out what these wonderful pamphlets and books are saying and find out if he really led me astray or whether I, in my twenty-year-old incarnation, misread him. I can see why this period has been described as the voice of reason overcoming an age of credulity, but that's not what it is at all. Just as Church and State were separating, Medicine and Church were separating. The doctor in one of my pamphlets-du-jour was carefully analysing to see if a particular group of possessed women had to be treated medically or religiously. Render unto Caesar - a very Christian thought.

I still don't know about so many things, and it's interfering with my concentration, so I'm catching up on other parts of my life. Next week I have deadlines again and won't have this luxury. To be honest, this week I should be working to deadline, but the combination between muscles that don't like me and an outside world that dislikes telling me things makes it much more sensible to free up much space next week by doing easy things this. And by watching more Mad max.