January 30th, 2016

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The good things in my day were nice: grocery crisis averted and got to see the first two episodes of Legends of Tomorrow. The not-good things outweighed the good by a factor that was far too great, however. Over a dozen things went wrong, some bigger than others.

Par for the week, now I think about it. Thank goodness for the couple of good things each day and for time with friends every few days. It means I got through.

My weekend includes more of the same, except for Sunday morning which ought to be good.

And my tomorrow consists of finishing everything that didn't get finished yesterday and today. Yesterday and today the universe ran gross interference. Everything that went wrong took an hour to sort and make right. I could have just let things go and sulked, but right now, with so much uncertainty in my life, I thought it was better to sort things immediately. Some would have spiralled out of control if they weren't sorted. So much is sorted and I'd better get to and do some of those other things that now have really tight deadlines and hope that they, at least, will behave.

All this is vague largely because the details are not really interesting. It's the overall "Waah, my life is full of woe!" that's interesting and that's only interesting because of the huge pile-up of various stuffs.

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We have a very strange weather system swirling around us. It's the same one we've had for a few days, but teh storms are more severe. The good news is that I'm getting through it as well as friends who are less weather sensitive (Hairy lemons are my friend, as are warm bubble baths, stretching, regular resting and, last night and tomorrow morning, super hero TV). My right eye is loving it and dancing and making life even more interesting.

I used the weather system to read the final book by Pratchett, which I had to do but really didn't want to. And I've dealt with many, many emails. Only 20 left on my must-do-before-Monday list. Yesterday I wrote some novel. And today I wrote 1500 words that are likely never to see light of day, but that had to be written. Of the 27 things I intended to do by the end of the month (the list from 2 days ago, not the list from 1 January, which was more like 480 things) I've only got 7 to go. I won't get them all done, alas, but I'll come close, despite the weather.

Right now, though, the weather has overcome me. I really should have found a friend to spend the afternoon and evening with, but the weather has got to everyone. We should be sitting in a group, in front of a silly movie, drinking hot chocolate and making rude comments. Since I can't do that, I shall have a bubble bath. If I can get 3 more things done tonight, after the bath, that will do.

When i started this post the weather and I were tied, but right now the weather is winning the race. It really is very strange weather.