February 2nd, 2016

(no subject)

Time is inside out today. I have the current Canberra virus and everything is a bit swirly. I can eat (unlike most other people with the virus) but not much and not often and I had a 24 hour break. I'm just as large after 2 days of this as I was before, so there is no benefit to me in being ill except that time passes strangely. Five minutes ago it was 11 am and 2 minutes before that was 9 am. I keep trying to remember to drink much water, so I get a water bottle and sip and then time passes and I've lost it. I now have five water bottles in various places. I'm trying to remember where they are so that I can drink them all and be delightfully hydrated.

I've done stuff today, but it slips out of my mind and gets lost in those swirls. I wrote a history Girls post on food history (because that is so much the right topic to write on when one has a gastro virus), which you can find here if you need more reading in your day. I've watched some TV. I've done some small things. I've talked to my mother. It was my mother who made me realise what I was doing with the water. How could I possibly be dehydrated when I'd started all those bottles?

So there is no news today. Except that my course on writers and worldbuilding (using all that research and all those writer interviews) has been cancelled. If anyone asks me why I'm not offering it in Canberra as a full-length course, it's because Canberra writers aren't interested. I'll need to move elsewhere, I'm afraid, if I want to teach term-long advanced writers courses. I find this sad, and that's only partly the virus speaking.