February 16th, 2016

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Last week was more than somewhat busy and just a little bizarre, so there are significant updates and I forgot to tell you them.

First, my eye has had its three-monthly check and it's stable and back to 95% of its normal. We now know all about what happened and, despite the severity of last year's interesting episode, it's fine. There are things that would be theoretically possible to do to help prevent it again if I lived in someone else's body but, alas, I live in my body, so all I can do is try to prevent it. Having said that, there's not a high likelihood of it happening.

I'm still not at all happy with the people who treated me as lesser because, for a bit, I couldn't read certain kinds of files. I especially missed judging the Aurealis Awards. I won't be volunteering for them next year, however. Life is too short for bunfights over capacity. If I can read ten books in a day (as I did yesterday) I do not need to be forever explaining that it's a file type that's the issue and I do not need the sense of being useless that always, always comes with those discussions. (And I didn't really read 10 books yesterday - I read just under 90 articles.)

I got a hair cut last week, and it was a mistake. The hairdresser didn't understand curly hair and tried to chop it all off at the back (shortest hair I've ever had) and tried to make the front hair a bit funky. The thing about curly hair is that it doesn't respond to this kind of styling. It does what it does. I'm launching books (Jason Franks' wonderful Sixsmith series) on Saturday and I'm hoping it will grow out enough so that the front doesn't stick out everywhere, as it's doing today. The back is so short that it depends on the shape of my head to look OK. Most of my head is an odd shape, but it seems that the back of my head looks fine. From the back, I look OK, then. No white hair (which is odd), very, very short hair (which is odd, but at least comfy for summer) and lots of neck. From the front I'm all white hair and sticking-out clumps of almost-curl and odd face-shape. I'm thinking of finding a suitable t-shirt for the launch (instead of something smarter) and making my hair stick out intentionally and just admitting life goes funky sometimes.

We have bushfires (not bad ones, but bad enough to affect me) so I'm not going to the Canberra Show this weekend. They have woodchopping and cats and judging of all kinds of things and, this year, they have Dr Who showbags. I'm very sad I can't go! But I got to the multicultural festival on Saturday (some piccies on Facebook) which is one more of the two February events than I managed last year.

My Wednesday students are wonderful, but you already knew that. And I forget the rest! This is because the rest was depressing and I'm determined to work through the bad things and leave them behind. I'm especially going to leave behind people who develop cliques and play exclusion games rather than play in a big pond with the rest of us. This means the only thing I shall be miserable about in the near future is having no Dr Who showbag.

I need a cuppa now (I have super-fresh Sri Lankan tea sample bags from the multicultural festival and I'm thoroughly enjoying every cup for as along as they last, which is probably 3 more days) and read many more articles.