March 1st, 2016

(no subject)

I've been quiet because I've been overworking, but with wonderful outcomes. It looks quite possible that my novel will be released during Women's History Month and my other book soon after. This curtails how much I can do this year* (and if anyone wants to join in the month, email me, for I'm still doing things - I just don't have time to plan!) but it's a wonderful outcome.

Why is it a wonderful outcome? I'm so glad you asked. I'm not going to answer yet, though.

It's all in the novel.

Speaking of which, I have a proof and my publisher needs it back and I must return to it.

I'll tell you about the change in title and the things I left out (mainly for my own sanity) and why I regretted using my mountain trip in a different novel. If I remember. Sometime this month. And I'll catch up on all my friends, for I have been a bad, bad friend recently.

I guess it's possible to admit that this novel might show my politics a little more clearly than my others. It's just barely possible. My politics are in everything I write, but mostly one can overlook them because I care profoundly that our world has many views and many beliefs and that story is more important than preaching anyhow. I live my life and want other people to live theirs. This novel isn't really different. It's just that the characters... well, you'll see.

If readers read it and want the recipes of the book, I will post them. Only if people ask for specific ones, however. This might be because I'm cruel. Heartless. And short of sleep.

* ETA: for Women's History Month - having 2 books out of the way before my birthday opens the floodgates for other work