March 8th, 2016

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I've been silent because life's been interesting. Both interesting in a good way and interesting in a bad way, but interesting. It will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, too.

I've signed one contract today (for an chapter on Game of Thrones for a book) and am trying very hard to sign another, but the other requires scanning and the scanning function of my printer has decided that it doesn't want to work to deadlines. It was fine last week, but last night and this morning it is totally not. So I have 2 contracts signed but only one actually sent. I like John Wiley's system better than I like Palgrave Macmillan, for the record, simply because Palgrave Macmillan requires my scanner to work.

Anyhow, now I have two books and an academic article out in the very near future. The academic article is as close to fun as an academic article can get. The book chapter will take a bit longer, for submissions aren't due yet. Mine is already in, however, editing hasn't begun. It's funny, because I wrote the chapter first but life happened and it shifted between publisher and editor and a whole heap of things, whereas the little article was accepted straight away and was easy to edit. In fact, it had the least mark-up I've ever received for something short and scholarly. Four note. This was from the peer review bit and from the copy-editor and from the person who wanted to talk to the overall editor about the order of articles. One was inserting an extra sentence because the question in the abstract wasn't quite reflected as a question in the body of the text (in fact, it was a statement in the body of the text, and used slightly different wording) and another was a formatting check and another was that somehow we'd forgotten my uni affiliation. And so it's done. Or will be, when I can scan the b* contract and send in my notes about the changes

My busy March and April is getting busier, but we have warm weather still (in the thirties, in autumn - not good) and I can't open all the windows at night and revel in the evening air for we have nearby bushfires. I get through things, but it's hard work and I hurt a lot. Still, I get through things. I joke that of everyone I know my ratio of academic and related publications to full employment is the lowest. (On a happier note, some of my missing teaching may yet happen - just in a different way. Discussions are taking place. I may yet be more financial this year than I feared. I don't know yet for certain, however.)

In a little, I'll post an introduction to this year's Women's History Month celebration. (I'm starting late because of the strangeness of my year - I just couldn't organise it til last weekend.) Then I'll post the first entry by the first guest. Or I might do them in reverse order. We'll see. The first one is specially for IWD and doesn't reflect the theme of the whole month: it's a very personal story of feminist awakening by someone dear to me who has been a major (quiet and behind the scenes) force in the Australian women's movement for a long time. We worked on several things together a decade and a half ago, and we were both enlisted by Helen Leonard to get WHM happening in Australia. I thought you'd like to meet her and to get to find out what pushes one particular woman into seeking major social change.

After today, all the posts will be by writers. They have a very specific and very interesting brief. And I have just decided I'll leave my introduction of that til later and just put up Lulu's post. I want her voice to be the voice of my blog for the rest of the day. She talks about things that she does not often talk about, you see, and they're important.