April 3rd, 2016

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I'm here and I've a lot to catch up with. I had a fabulous National SF convention and meant to report on it, but came back to the release of my History and Fiction book and to bushfire smoke and to teaching and the world suddenly contracted. So there is much good news and just a bit of bad news.

I still have WHM posts and will put them up over the coming days, until I run out. Just this year, it will be March-April celebration.

Today I spent a few minutes discovering some very interstate things about the Misses Polack, who were much more important than I had thought, given the family chatter. I should remember that the family is still a bit uncomfortable about internal positions of spinsters. We're not unloved (by any means) but I'm not sure traditional Jewish families now what to do with us. I was all geared to tell you about them here, when I realised that there's a novel coming out son (there were delays, that's one of my bits of news) and that it would make a really nice guest blog post for anyone who wants. The first person to ask me about the Misses Polack and their luxury lifestyle will get an illustrated blogpost (I have no pictures of them, alas), and I will entirely enjoy writing it. Because they were public figures, I can find about them from Trove, which is very nice. I even have descriptions of their clothes and when they travelled. They were very much part of Miss Fisher's Melbourne until they went into receivership in 1932.

Expect me as you see me this week. I'm doing a big catch up.

Over the weekend I have the new GUFF delegate staying, so I won't be online much at all. Fortunately for me, the people he needs to meet just happens to be my friends. I anticipate next weekend being very good indeed.