May 1st, 2016



This is me, myself. I'm not home yet and I don't have normal computer use yet, but the friend taking care of me have dropped by my place, since I am finally well enough to do a proper post. I'll keep doing quick updates on Facebook when I can, and, just by the way things are going, it may be a bit longer before I'm healed.

I did indeed have an asthma attack, but my asthma is still of the mild variety (apart from that one night) and I also had the virus that everyone else got from natCon and I had PMT. being Gillian, this was not enough for me and they kept me in hospital until they had a full diagnosis. This took several days. At this time they were pleased with everything else (for it had all cleared) but told me I might get a stent or something. Then the angiogram was done and a bunch of excited surgeons crowded round my bed and said "We're doing a bypass or three!" It turned out to be four. I call it the Gillian ring road system.

Friends are taking care of me (for it was a rather big operation) and it will be 9 1/2 weeks before I"m fully recovered. Fully recovered, however, will mean I'm better than almost all of you have ever seen me.

Passover was a bowl of rice at a friend's place for I was released from hospital in time but was too sick to arrange anything and I actually had my birthday with friends. It was quiet, but at least I was out of hospital.

And this is as far as my energy levels will take me.

I'm working on getting better but it's slow and sore. I'll let you know when I'm home nad you can ask me all the questions then.

I'm missing you all!