May 27th, 2016

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Every couple of days I note to myself the return of missing parts of myself. One particularly momentous day I was given my sense of taste back.

Today, I have my own gait and I have the capacity to properly massage (only for about 20 seconds) the sites of operation. The former makes me feel as if I've been returned to my own body and the latter reassures me that I can diminish my scarring. It also helps me open doors.

If I can walk fluidly, I can build up and run fast again. I was a sprinter when I was a teenager and it would be nice to find a turn of speed again, even if I only use it for catching trains.

My energy levels are picking up, too (sporadically) so, with warning, I can see friends. Give me a ring and you may be able to visit! I need warning though, for I have strict limits on what I'm allowed to do and overtiring myself isn't one of them.