June 6th, 2016

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I have good news for a change.

An engineer has just inspected my flat. This is related to the big structural problems of a few years ago. The body corporate wanted a disinterested assessment of what the situation is now, two years after the adjustments were made. And it all works. Things are stable and safe.

The cracks are my problem now (they weren't supposed to be, but fighting to get them fixed by the body corporate is beyond my energy), for they are cosmetic. Basically, I need much filler-of-cracks, a bunch of re-painting and the bathroom needs some re-tiling. I can't do any of this, but it's good to know that this is what needs to be done and it's really great to know that my unit is safe from collapse now.

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In the rush to cancel my teaching with the operation and all, one phonecall wasn't made. I am so glad it wasn't made. It means that I have a full day's workshop to give the day after my official time out finishes. Since I will really, really need the income (things are tight, for pretty obvious reasons), I hope enrolments are high.

This workshop was supposed to be a part of a whole slab of celebratory events for the release of the History and Fiction book. It's the only surviving element. It was also my favourite of the events, so I'm glad it escaped culling.

I'll be teaching riters a practical translation of my research. It's not about perfecting factual research for fiction - it's about writing novels that use history in the way that best reflects the sort of novel they are.

Details are here: https://t.co/yZ1jMWsylQ

I'll be paid per student, so I'm hoping for a solid enrollment (it'll make a big difference to my winter finances) - if any of you know someone who might be interested, please feel free to let them know about it.

I wasn't expecting a gratuitous ad on my blog, but then, I wasn't expecting this particular facet of life to catch up with me. I'm very pleased it has, for it appears that I will be getting no government help with either living expenses or medical. And from here, most of the medical stuff will cost - I was exceptionally fortunate to have most of it free until now.