June 18th, 2016

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Now that I'm getting better, you get the in-between bits. They're not cheerful, for I wake up worried more days than I wake up optimistic. I worked out (through patience and slow chronicling) that at a significant part of this is the background pain and how far it interferes with my capacity to do things. This means that, now that I can do a bit more, I have a way of digging myself out of the worst of it. What I wanted to do next week, however, was go to the art gallery or a museum or maybe take a walk somewhere rural. Alas, all my friends are busy (and if you aren't and I've misinterpreted, please get in touch) for these things help more with my mood than most other things and I cannot do them alone.

Today I rested and now I'm watching Quatermass documentaries and doing as much work as I can without making the pain worse. I'll feel better when more of the work is complete. I always do. And I've got really interesting work this month and next. if one has to move out of sick leave into work before one is ready, this is the right work to move for.

Another thing that cheers me is a hot cuppa. I shall sort that out forthwith.

On uncheering days I put off getting dressed until I must (it reduces pain) so if anyone plans to see me, you might want to give me a half hour to make myself respectable. My PJs are a very pretty pink though, and worth admiring.