June 20th, 2016

(no subject)

My triggeriness is PMT, I think. PMT is insult to injury. I should be allowed six months off it, after the operation.

At least I'm getting work done. I have a small stack of paper in between my keyboard and monitor. On each is a 2 word summary of a task followed by a completion date. If I can get through all these tasks by the due dates, I'll have enough money to live on until the end of July. Ideally, I finish things early and get the money that much sooner. The big thing is that I have the opportunity to earn my way out of the financial situation, doing work I love. The trick is going to be not pushing myself too far - I have to continue healing. Nothing is straightforward right now. It's possible, however. I can get through things if I'm careful. Possible is important. I keep getting more bills thrown at me, so I really need 'possible' to translate into 'of course this will happen.'

I ought to be finished with my first manuscript (out of four before the end of July) this afternoon. I'm taking notes as I go and will think about it and re-read if necessary during the week then finalise it on Friday. If I have enough capacity, I'll also move on my tax this week, but it all depends on what else gets thrown at me (besides bills and various aches).

One thing about big operations is that healing isn't like recovering from flu: it's slow and it's not linear. It took a lot of self-discipline to finish my article over the weekend because of this. When I was out of pain I just wanted to sit quietly and let my body relax. I did that (for obviously I need to listen to my body) but I also wrote 2000 words in the interstices. And today I'm more capable than yesterday, so my balancing act worked.

I don't know if the article will be suitable for the journal. it's more than somewhat quirky. I've asked the editor, so we'll see. It includes a recipe, as promised, so if it doesn't work for that journal, it'll work somewhere else. I hope it'll go where it was originally designated, however, for it would make me happy.

And now I have a few minutes stretching to do before I'm back to my manuscript.