June 21st, 2016

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Every time I get a bit too miserable for comfort, something extraordinary and wonderful happens.

This time, it was a parcel. The Continuum people gave me a get well soon card (signed by so many friends!), a con bag (it has a gorgeous picture by Queenie Chan, and I'm very happy to have it) and chocolate. The card is full of messages and of drawings of dragons. Two of my friends added something special to the package: a large quantity of Haigh's chocolate.

People are amazing and wonderful. I was sorry to miss Continuum - and it means a great deal that Continuum missed me! I shall save the Haigh's for bad moments. That way, when I get too down, I will think of Lauren and of Julia and I will eat some of the best chocolate Australia produces and I will know that the world isn't as bad as it feels.

The giant card, with all its wonderful messages, is in pride of place in my loungeroom.

Thank you, all my friends at Continuum!