June 26th, 2016

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Between what's happening in Europe and our own elections and the general slowness of recovering from a major operation, I'm feeling under the weather tonight. The weather is under the weather, too, for it's around -3 outside already. My poor Perth friends keep apologising to me because they complain it's cold then realise that cold is comparative.

Because of all this, I'm not going to the market tomorrow (alas), but a friend is picking me up things and then we're watching superhero TV most of the morning. We will have fruit toast and hot 18th century style cocoa to accompany the TV. My friend decided it was wise not to subject me to the market - and he was right. Best way of dealing...

I have all kinds of ducks in a row, workwise and will knock them all over neatly by Monday. This will result in pay, which is a lovely thing. I now have to do my current equivalent of walking through the raindrops ie find the hour when things don't hurt and people don't need me for other things. Today, for instance, I meant to do 3 hours work, but I unexpectedly went shopping with a friend and also (not unexpectedly) saw another friend in the afternoon. That and the shift to cold weather obliterated two hours of work and I'm just making inroads into hour three now. I can't do many hours in a week still, but I'm doing enough so that I have enough money to live on, which is a very big thing. I shall spend a chunk of that money seeing the doctor next week...

And now, for my next trick, I shall knock over one (and, if I have the energy, maybe two) of the ducks. The weather is stable outside and I've just done my stretching, so I can do a half hour more on the computer. Every duck I cross off the list of ducks is one I don't have to worry about.

And in other news... is there any? Did I tell you about my postMedieval article?

Cards and caring

I was sent so many cards by so many wonderful people while I was in hospital and for the three weeks after I came out. I now have a collection of them... and half are missing. What's worst, the ones that are missing include the group I didn't even get round to opening because they came when I wasn't strong enough to even open the envelope.

If I haven't reacted to your card, it's one of the missing 50%. It meant a great deal to me when I received it. Even on the day I couldn't move, I asked to look at my mail and I read all the address labels on the cards that day and thought "What a lovely friend - I'm so looking forward to reading this as soon as I'm able." I'm more than a bit unhappy that the rescue methods have failed and that there are some I won't get to read.

The trouble is that I was in hospital for 20 days initially and was moved from area to area as my condition changed. A lot of things couldn't go with me. In some areas I had a cupboard, but after the operation, the ward had a cupboard that was blocked off and, honestly, I was too sick to access it anyhow. I sent things home with friends and then other friends tidied my place so that I wasn't coming home to a disaster. Other cards followed me from the hospital to the friend I stayed with straight afterwards, and those have caught up with me. Neither of us realised they were there, but she instituted a search for all the Gillian-possessions other people might have brought her and she found all sorts of useful things, including the card. Inevitably, given the complexity, things went missing.

I think, at this stage, I have to assume I will never get to enjoy the last 50%. They mean so much to me, even if I only got to see them for a few hours. Hospital was more difficult than I mostly say and it left me in a highly anxious state. The cards and the flowers and the presents helped so very much (and they still do). They reminded me that the world outside still existed and that it was full of caring people who were thinking about me. I wish I still had everything, but the cards and perishable gifts were with me when it counted most.

Thank you, everyone, whether your card survived the various migrations or not. Without you, those weeks would have been even more difficult. I haven't talked about that side of things, but it was there, and everything that helped me get through it emotionally was so very important.