July 6th, 2016

(no subject)

I've just emerged from a rather nice meeting with an artist. My Wednesday students have a small project. I drank chai and I chatted and I realised that I miss meetings. How can anyone miss meetings? I'm worried for myself.

Anyhow, I emerged from the meeting and discovered that the cool day has become the chill day. The rain has turned to cold that gets under the skin. The moment I got home, I changed into PJs and put on my felt slippers and my down dressing gown. In five minutes I'll be warm as toast and be able to do all my work. I will do my exercises first, though, and have a rest, for 'Virtue' is my temporary middle name.

By 'all my work' I mean two full hours. Today I'm deadline central, but I've cunningly managed my deadlines so that I'm not going to make myself ill over them. And I can work as late as I like, for tomorrow I can sleep in if I want. Hence the exercise first (and halfway through) and rest.

My aim tomorrow is to do many messages and see the doctor. I only have two hours work over the whole day, tomorrow. This recovery thing is the life of luxury... down dressing gowns, chai-fuelled meetings, and no overwork.