July 8th, 2016

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Today I realised that somewhere along the recuperation way I've managed to regain some mojo. I have no idea when it happened, or how, but this morning I did my teaching notes and class handout with no apparent effort and I just need a break for a cuppa before I shall do more on my taxes. I've made cinnamon buns for afternoon tea (they just need to be baked) and stripped my bed. This is more energy (intellectual and other) than I had for months before the operation. Given that tomorrow includes teaching for six hours straight, I shall take rests in between everything today, but still, I'm improving.

It's one thing for the doctor to say I am - it's quite another to discover it for myself.

A week ago I wondered if I'd ever write fiction again. Now I'm thinking "Not long now." I have a sudden desire for people to buy many of my books, so that I have the money to write another one just as soon as I'm physically able. Add emotional healing to the physical and intellectual. It's slow, but it's all happening.

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My new Aurealis article has been released. I wrote this after the operation. It's what convinced me that maybe I would be OK, after all. I was working, and felt very incompetent. I still do, far too much of the time, for serious illness is debilitation, and I'm someone who likes to do things. So it's an important article for me, and worth reading for I am possibly not as serious about literature as I should be. Also, there's a recipe, by popular request.