July 10th, 2016

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Market day today and I carried my shopping myself for all but the last 30 metres. For $5, I bought 9 extremely ripe persimmons (and am at home to anyone who wants a cuppa and some persimmon today and tomorrow, for they do need eating), I bought a few oranges and a lemon and was given two of the blood orange/navel cross (because every now and again stall holders are lovely and generous and remember me as the food hsitory person who likes the things that aren't on show always - what this means is that I've definitively sorted my friends' tree as Seville/blood orange cross which explains a lot about their marmalade), 2 really big and crunchy fennel bulbs (for when I need crunchy snacks, obviously), 2 panninis (for the lemon and my nearly-ripe avoes from last week) and a goodly-sized bag of fresh lettuce.

I've got a few weeks before the new vegies and fruit are in for Spring, which give some time to train up to carrying more. And it's two weeks before I go to the bigger market, which gives me time to train for carrying things for longer distances.

Why this sudden change of capacity? As of today, my sternum is sufficiently healed. My bone is no longer broken. I can start getting strong again. I've been building my weight exercises carefully (and under supervision for the first 6 weeks) so that the moment the healing was done I could do things like marketing. It's rather wonderful that all this work paid such instant dividends. I can't carry a lot and I can't carry it further than a kilometre, but still, I carried it. With no aches or pains. And I have eaten a persimmon to celebrate, so there are only 8 in urgent need of being finished. It was spectacularly delicious. I don't think I've had one as good since my childhood.