July 15th, 2016

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Life's revenge on me for boasting is a really bad night. Not bad enough to go back to hospital, and I will going to the chemist later to sort it out. I keep forgetting that bodies have different side-effects from the operation and that they can loop back and cause trouble. Anyhow, I got midnight advice over the phone from a doctor and I'll be fine, but grumbly.

Apart from this, I'm quite happy. I'm seeing a bunch of friends today, and my Wednesday workshop has only one place left. The tickets only went up two days ago and they're already almost gone. This is exceptionally unusual for Canberra in the middle of the coldest winter on record (or maybe just one of the coldest) for it's an evening course and people will freeze. And yet they're coming. In numbers. And, of the two workshops I'm doing this winter, both will have sold out. And all my Wednesday students are turning up, too, despite the cold. For some of the other winter workshops, discounts are being offered to get people along for, not only is it cold, everyone's scared about their futures under this government. It's a bad time economically. And I still have students. I think this means the students need a special treat as part of the workshop. I'm thinking something related to my actual teaching, rather than random chocolates, but I'll see. I have stuff at home (for teaching) that will give my students a real buzz of excitement and will be spot on for the subject.

I have 3 small deadlines today. Not big ones. Probably achievable. I would rather have the day off. If I get ready for everything else immediately, then maybe I can squiggle my work in between the fun things and get it done anyway.