July 16th, 2016

(no subject)

The pharmacist gave me loads of useful advice yesterday. Alas, it will be another 12 hours before the problem starts to be sorted. That's the bad news.

The good news is that my workshop is booked out. Two workshops in a row, booked out! I still don't know what teaching I'm doing for the ANU this semester, so the rest of my teaching year is a bit of a mystery due to being ill at the precise moment everyone needed me for planning. And there's no teaching interstate this semester because I haven't been scheduled anywhere. Last year I did 3-4 interstate workshops and this year there are none. Such is life.

The weather is still impossibly wintry here. We had a nice day, but it's only three degrees outside right now, so it'll be a chilly night and chilly for the market in the morning. This is relevant to my post, because I need to work out if I need anything from the market for my class. I don't think so. I think I've decided on geology rather than food for tangibles this time round. I used food last time I did a 2 hour workshop in Canberra on a similar subject and I can't rely on there not being anyone from the other workshop. Students tend to like revisiting me, so, in fact, I have to assume that a different approach for that side of things is sensible. The theory remains the same, but it means everyone gets something new.

No other news, there is none. Except that I'm really very tired of nasty symptoms. I'm getting better (and it's obvious that I am when, on a bad day, I still do all my stretching and weights and gentle walking) but I want wellness now, not wellness in 9 months. This means I have officially entered the frustrating stage of getting better. I'd hoped to be able to do a lot more local walking in parks now, but my ankle and my asthma limit me to indoors most days. I get a small walk tomorrow, and a 40 minute one on Monday and 2 20 minute ones on Tuesday, but that's the most outdoors I will experience until the weather and my ankle adjust. I'm working on the ankle, but it's very slow in getting strength (and we don't yet know what's causing it).

I think the theme of my day is whingeing...