July 17th, 2016

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My morning was market and DS9 with C, which means it was terrific. We had fruit toast and I am supplied with wonderful fresh produce for the week. My fruit is oranges and persimmons. My vegetables are capsicums, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, fennel,spring onions and broccolini. My herbs are parsley, coriander and garlic chives. I lashed out and bought some sour dough bread, so that I can have all this lovely fresh stuff with the various flavours of chicken that are already in my fridge. Two slices of bread with much topping makes an excellent meal, with no work at all. They're not winter dishes. I have rice if I want to turn the same flavours back into winter, but I don't think I do, I think I'm preparing for Spring...

I spent a bit more than I should, but this means I have absolutely no shopping to do until next Saturday, which is good, given that the week looks busy. I'm up to the next level of recuperation and each level takes more time an more energy. And I have just 2 weeks to finish all my July work.

July is normally such a bad month in Canberra. I've had two very nice weeks (if one discounts the bad nights and the fact that I am convalescent and still feel it) which is two more than usual. And I have persimmons. Life is always better with fresh, ripe persimmons.

Last night was actually worse than the night before, but at this moment, I couldn't care less.