July 20th, 2016

(no subject)

My good news is that, once I finish three more bits of scheduled work and everything's paid for, I'll be financial right through til the end of September. Possibly even October. This is good, because the ANU hasn't yet advertised any teaching by me. We have a staff meeting next week and all will be clear then (ie it will be clear to them that I'm a lot more alive than last time they saw me).

The bad news is that getting to this desirable financial state meant doing too much teaching, twice. The first day I dealt with it. Today, my teaching was merely moderate for 2 hours in the evening. I was fine for the morning's teaching. This evening, while I taught everything my students needed, I felt that I've done better at getting them engaged. Good but not inspirational, I think. Although for this group I solved some really important basic issues for research for writers and we covered it with hardly any effort whatsoever (they took it in as if it was common knowledge, which is perfect for new stuff), so they got good material, even if it wasn't taught with any brilliance.

This is like the week I went back to work. This week I have done just a bit too much. Given that it will add up to over 25 hours, this is not nearly as worrying as it sounds. I need to do what I did when I first went back to work and be very measured and controlled with the new amount of work. And I need to sleep in for two days running.

I didn't mean to double my working hours. The trouble with the teaching side is that it's at the behest of others and I really don't have that much control over it. And I've gone from frighteningly near the edge financially to not having to worry about groceries for over two months. And I'd like to make that final leap back to normal workload, but I think I need to do it in two stages and neither of them should be this week. Possibly not next week, either. Twenty-five hours isn't bad, after all.