July 21st, 2016

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I definitely overdid things yesterday. It wasn't the teaching: it was travelling in busses for well over an hour. Why is a bus harder than a car? Seatbelts. This means I'll be flying to Melbourne in September. What will I be doing in Melbourne in September? Book related stuff. Watch this space, Melbourne friends. It's the first weekend in September and it's shaping up to be very interesting.

Was the extra teaching last night worth the pain and the worry about healing and the discovery that I'm taking a bit longer to instantly get better than I expected? Absolutely. If students get that much out of a short class when I'm off-colour, it's all going to be magic in a month. And both those comments and the feedback from the Saturday workshop really demonstrate why I need to teach in a regular full-time job.

I'm doing good work in my one regular teaching gig, I think. My Wednesday class and I celebrated my tenth anniversary yesterday (did I say?) and we ate chocolate. They wrote some lovely reflections on their writing and how it has developed. They decided that the reflections they did on how their writing has grown should be compiled into a little booklet. One of the students said "Leave this with me." So I get a celebratory booklet by my students to celebrate ten years, and it's going to consist of their reflections on learning. Most of these students begin the class without even the confidence to read aloud, much less to analyse their own achievements with any level of comfort. What more could one ask?

I decided that this term my Wednesday group will write science fiction and science fantasy and our final excursion for the term will be all about Dr Who. This means I can wear SF t-shirts all term. It also means I can reinforce their story-telling skills without them being too aware or embarrassed that I'm working on stuff they might not have processed fully the first time round.

Possibly most importantly, I announced the term's theme by demonstrating clearly that none of the class are either vampires or werewolves. Even adults can be disappointed at such discoveries, it seems, and I've ruined at least one student's dreams.

The main danger this term is to my TARDIS backpack. Two students are eyeing it off...