July 22nd, 2016

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I have just one hour of work to do today and I'm all caught up with myself. And I have so much food!

Someone dropped in carrying what she said was a small box of things. It was so much wonderful stuff. Fresh cherries, lamb shanks, a cantelope, gold kiwi fruit, mushrooms, a loaf of bread, potatoes, a couple of baby muffins, some rissoles and a whole pumpkin. I will top up at the market tomorrow and then I'm fine for a week or longer. Given I just had that rather nasty little reaction to doing too much, this box takes a load off my mind. I can cook over the weekend and eat delicious home made leftovers on the busier days. Since I was otherwise going to rely on freezer food (which I'm a bit tired of, just now - I reached my limit a couple of weeks ago) this is perfect.

My plans include Spanish-style lambshanks on a bed of mashed vegetables (for Sunday and Monday, which will be cold in the evenings), pasta with chicken-mushroom sauce, guacamole and tomato sandwiches, and salads with eggs and pecans. Breakfast will be oats with chia. Thanks to this very nice person, I feel as if I've fully returned. Before my life went awry I used to do all my shopping and cooking over a couple of days and then choose what I wanted from the splendid prepared food and eat luxuriously all week.

I'm a very happy vegemite.